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Summer is right around the corner and we’re all looking forward to getting back to the beach. But after the long winter, we’re going to have to work to get our beach bodies back. Training is a big part of this process, but it’s not all. You need to change your diet, but it can be difficult. Even harder when you just don’t see the results you want.

New diets may sound nice, but they don’t always work. One way to change things up is to use meal replacements. As usual with anything, there are plenty that fall short. They will leave you unsatisfied at the end of the day. But we did research and research and found that the Meal replacement shake with code HLTH is a real winner.

One of the best things about Meal replacement shake with code HLTH is that it is made to work by the right kind of people. Dr. Ben Bikman to be exact. He is a professor, metabolic scientist and author. Working with others in his field, they were looking for a way to help people lose fat mass instead of lean mass. A poor diet can lead to loss of lean body mass, which can lead to physical problems.


As Dr. Bikman says, “These two masses, fat and lean, make up our total body weight. Losing or having too little lean mass seems to be at least as unhealthy as too much fat mass. Having too little lean mass not only leads to metabolic problems like increased insulin resistance, but also physical problems, including not having enough strength to stop a fall or get up easily.

This is where Bikman and his team came up with the idea to skip the calorie-restricted route and go for controlled carb intake. Dr. Bikman says, “Of the three macronutrients, carbohydrates are the least necessary for the average adult and the most problematic for those struggling with metabolic issues. Most of the health and weight issues we face today are due to this misguided change in diet. Each portion of Meal replacement shake with code HLTH contains 400 calories. Not a ton, obviously, but enough to help keep you full. This way you won’t be going for snacks that will end up ruining your whole trip to get your beach body back.

You won’t find just 400 calories in the Meal replacement shake with code HLTH. You’ll also find 25 vitamins and minerals, gut enzymes and healthy probiotics, fiber, and 27 grams of protein. These will all come together to help you have more energy during the day. You will also find apple cider vinegar and collagen, which will help your overall health. And then there are essential fatty acids to help the body function properly.

Best of all, this Clean Label meal replacement shake contains no GMOs, artificial sweeteners, or added sugar. If you are on a keto diet, this shake is also on the rise. The shake is also very tasty, as there are two absolutely dynamite flavors. You can go with Chocolate Macadamia or Creamy Vanilla to make chasing that beach body as easy as it gets. Get a bag or two of Meal replacement shake with code HLTH just before summer really begins.

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