• Benjamin Wood
  • The new Edison House Private Club is taking shape along 200 West in Salt Lake City.

An exclusive new social club has arrived in downtown Salt Lake City. Boasting several restaurants and bars, a fitness center and a rooftop swimming pool, Edison House is billed as a place to unwind after a long day or to catch up with friends for an evening.

Michelle Kennedy, club member and managing director of Next Phase Media, said she heard about Edison House from a friend. The more she looked at it, the more it sounded like something she was looking for in Salt Lake City.

“As an adult, it’s easy to stay in a routine or in a specific community that you’ve already built. It’s a really fun and easy way to meet new people,” Kennedy said. “I’m excited to connect with like-minded people, in terms of curiosity, ambition, kindness and openness.”

Founded by two brothers from Utah, Charlie Cardon and George Cardon-Bystry, Edison House is on the way to becoming the place to be seen. And if the pandemic has taught us anything, most people, especially younger generations, need real social interaction beyond Zoom and so-called “social” media.

But Edison House is more than just a nightclub. It is also ideal for networking and connecting with other professionals. Interaction with three-dimensional humans and participation in unique events and mixes are built into the membership fee, which ranges in price from $175 to $225 per month with an initial onboarding fee of $500 $ and the possibility of adding a life partner at a reduced rate.

Another club member, attorney LaShel Shaw, said she exchanged emails with the membership manager and had several face-to-face conversations with the Edison House team before joining.

“The impression I got from my membership interview process is that Edison House tries to bring together a membership that is diverse, but universally community-minded and intellectually curious,” Shaw said. “I’m very excited about community gathering spaces and member programming events.”

Edison House’s amenity spaces will be second to none. The private dining rooms are perfect for hosting intimate get-togethers or a large group party. The fitness center is equipped with the latest training machines and modern locker rooms. And the rooftop pool with an adjacent bar are ideal places to relax.

How about a private karaoke with friends? Or do you try in the pool room? With over 30,000 square feet to roam around in, being an adult hasn’t been this fun since Prohibition ended.

“Salt Lake has grown exponentially and diversified over the past five to 10 years, but lifestyle offerings have been slow to keep pace,” said Lauren Boyack, membership manager at Edison House. . “The time is truly right for Salt Lake. To have demand exceed our capacity is a testament to Salt Lake’s hunger for a place like this.”

Boyack said she and her team made a point of meeting every person who was offered a membership at the club.

“I think when you’re creating a closed-loop environment, like a members-only club, it’s really important to understand why everyone is here,” she said.

Salt Lake City’s population was just over 200,000 in 2021, and rapid construction of new housing is drawing more residents to the downtown area. In recent years, Utah has ranked among the top states for economic growth. Add to that the state’s culture, outdoor lifestyle and real estate market, and you have a thriving and attractive city. Newcomers to Salt Lake can add the Edison House to their list of places to meet people.

Dee Brewer, executive director of the Downtown Alliance, said his team is thrilled with the opening of Edison House and how it adds to the vibrancy of downtown as a place where people live, work and enjoy themselves. entertain.

“It will be another downtown gathering place and additional social amenity adjacent to hundreds of arts and entertainment offerings each year,” Brewer said. “The downtown residential population will double over the next 30 months. Social amenities like Edison House are part of the appeal of living downtown. Edison House will add vibrancy to our urban core.

The dining program at Edison House is led by Buzz Willey, former chef of the now-closed Pallet Bistro in Salt Lake City.

Edison House patrons may recognize menu items that were Pallet fan favorites, such as Willey’s gnocchi and homemade pasta dishes.

With two restaurants—Society, a casual fine dining restaurant, and Atrium, a casual lounge bar—Willey and his team have tested and crafted a menu to suit every palate. While the final menu has yet to be solidified, look for high-end fish dishes, tostadas, and sticky buns with pork belly and kimchi.

“My style has been ‘heavy prep and simple plating’ – very easy for guests to understand what the dishes are, with a few hidden techniques,” Willey said. “Fine ingredients, high quality and so many local products [ingredients as] I can get. We will really pay attention to the details of the plate and earn the trust of our guests. I’m really excited to start working downtown again. »

At press time, Edison House construction is nearing completion, and the social club is expected to open in the coming weeks. But a firm launch date had not been set as the club are working on their alcohol licensing.