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If your teen wants to keep busy and have fun this summer, they can get a free gym membership at Planet Fitness.

Key points

  • Entertainment during the summer holidays does not have to be very expensive.
  • Teens can enjoy free access to Planet Fitness with a High School Summer Pass.

School is out for the year, and summer vacation is here. Summer vacation can be an exciting time for kids and teens, but they can struggle to find ways to fill all of their free time. Working out in the gym is one activity your teen may enjoy. Planet Fitness is offering free memberships to teens all summer long. Find out how to get a free subscription.

Now that it’s summer vacation, your teen will be home more often. If they’re already complaining about being bored and having nothing fun to do, you might want to find some activities for them to try.

Physical activity is a great option because it’s good for overall health and can improve your teen’s mood. A gym membership can give your teen the tools they need to exercise whenever they want. But you don’t have to pay for a gym membership this summer.

That’s because Planet Fitness offers free fitness passes for teens. This promotion can give your teenager something to do and help you keep more money in your bank account.

Introducing the High School Summer Pass

If you have a Planet Fitness location in your community, you might want to sign up your older child for a free high school summer pass.

The High School Summer Pass is available for teens ages 14-19. Teens can train for free with this pass until August 31, 2022.

With this pass, they can use all the cardio and strength training equipment and take fitness classes. They can sign up for the free pass at any Planet Fitness store in the US or Canada.

If your child is under 18, they will need to register with a parent or guardian. Once registered, they can download the Planet Fitness app to get their High School Summer Pass digital keychain.

It’s the perfect opportunity for your teen to work out regularly, develop a fun routine away from home, and it’s free. They can train alone or have their friends participate.

Free Fun Ideas for Teens in the Summer

Due to the rising cost of living across the country, many families are looking for free and inexpensive activities for their children and teens. If you’re trying to keep extra costs to a minimum, you’re not alone. Here are some additional free summer fun ideas for your teen:

Volunteer to make a difference. Volunteering is a great option if your teen needs something to do and wants to help others.

Learn a new skill. If they’re interested in learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby, summer vacation is the perfect time to do so. Look for free courses in your community or online resources.

Organize campfire evenings. Spending time around a campfire is the perfect summer activity for your teen to enjoy with friends.

Plan movie marathons. If your teen is a movie buff, they can plan movie marathons with friends and choose different movie themes each week. Watching movies at home is an affordable way to have fun.

Get a part-time gig. If your teen wants to work, a part-time gig could keep them busy during their break. Plus, it can be rewarding for them to earn their own money, and they can learn essential personal finance skills.

Summer vacation is here, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend extra money to give your kids and teens an enjoyable vacation.

Get creative and take advantage of free and inexpensive activities in your area. No matter how much money you spend, they’ll have fun making memories.

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