Founded in 2012, YogaSix is ​​a modern yoga brand offering a range of heated and unheated yoga classes that are accessible and fun for everyone. The YogaSix fitness franchise is changing the way people think about and experience yoga. Whatever your fitness goal, her classes are designed to eliminate the intimidation factor that many people feel when trying yoga for the first time.


YogaSix believes that everyone, regardless of fitness level, from seasoned practitioner to beginner, can train and see results at their studios. YogaSix classes allow members to feel energized and empowered. Members can learn and grow at their own pace while creating the kind of community and culture that people desire.

Yoga created boutique fitness as we know it. With yoga, every class is different, but there’s always room to learn, grow, and continue to see results. The more participants learn, the stronger they become and the better they feel physically and mentally. Yoga is both a mental and a physical practice.

YogaSix fitness classes allow members to define their success and personalize their practice. YogaSix delivers life-enhancing benefits through our six core classes: Y6 101, Y6 Restore, Y6 Slow Flow, Y6 Hot, Y6 Power, and Y6 Sculpt & Flow. As a brand, they help members connect in an energizing, empowering, and fun way. With an established and loyal following, YogaSix is ​​a modernized yoga brand that promotes accessibility, and it’s poised for nationwide adoption.

There are many benefits to consider when becoming a YogaSix franchise owner, including the following proof points.

  • First-mover advantage: With a proven concept in several competitive markets, YogaSix has vast market potential. You can be the first to bring YogaSix’s truly unique and modern approach to your local market.
  • Extended support: This is a brand that believes that thorough training is the engine of success – from lease negotiation to construction, from recruiting to financing, and from sales and marketing to sustainable business, franchisees are supported every step of the way.
  • Executive model: YogaSix’s franchise model offers a fully scalable business, allowing owners to determine their own success. Franchisees benefit from optimized development costs and relationships with national vendors, allowing them to launch successful studios.
  • Investment: YogaSix offers low cost entry, a recurring revenue model, truly exceptional EBITDA margins and the confidence of a team that has over 25 years of experience in the fitness franchise.

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YogaSix is ​​a brand whose values ​​speak directly to franchise candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit. Imagine the benefits of owning a franchise concept that exhibits the following attributes.

  • Fun: Define your joy.
  • Energy: Bring new life and an exciting new approach to yoga to your community.
  • Trust: With the modality that defined boutique fitness and a team of 25 years in the fitness franchise, enjoy the confidence knowing that the business model and level of support can create a thriving YogaSix studio.
  • Acceptance: Build an empowered, connected and welcoming community far beyond the walls of the studio.

YogaSix is ​​part of the Xponential Fitness family of brands, the curator of leading fitness and wellness brands across all sectors of the fitness boutique. With decades of fitness and franchise experience within its team, Xponential Fitness has the resources and network to provide continued growth and support to its franchise owners.

How much does a YogaSix franchise cost?

To open a YogaSix franchise, here are the financial requirements, necessary cash flow, and ongoing franchise fees associated with owning a business.

Initial franchise fee: $60,000.

Initial investment: $294,836 to $499,236.

Net worth required: $500,000.

Cash requirement: $100,000.

Royalty: 7%.

Advertising fee: 2%.

Duration of the contract: 10 years.

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The YogaSix Franchise does not offer in-house funding to applicants, but maintains relationships with several third-party funding sources that offer funding to cover franchise fees, start-up costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and payroll. Please see Section 7 of the YogaSix FDD 2022 for explanatory notes and additional details.

Support and training offered by YogaSix

The Xponential and YogaSix franchise team has the resources and network to ensure continued growth and support. Brand teams guide new owners of each franchise through the opening process, from site selection, lease negotiation and construction, to recruiting studio staff, activating the selling subscriptions and marketing the studio. YogaSix offers extensive ongoing training, weekly and monthly update webinars, and one-on-one support to guide owners as their business matures.

Comprehensive training and extensive ongoing support are both essential to success as a YogaSix franchise owner. Here are the specific areas where the brand assists franchisees in the system.

  • Immovable: The brand’s team of experts will guide landlords through the process, from site selection to lease execution, in locating the ideal site for a YogaSix studio.
  • Construction and design: The brand will guide new owners through the construction process – from company-approved layout and general construction to interior design, security and on-site technology.
  • Sales: Franchisees can expect comprehensive and ongoing business training, monthly calls and expert guidance – from pre-sales to grand opening and sustainability.
  • Marketing: As soon as new YogaSix owners execute their letter of intent, marketing their studio begins with one-on-one coaching to ensure they generate maximum leads.
  • Recruitment: The YogaSix franchise knows that people are at the heart of the studio’s success. New owners receive assistance in hiring and developing the most qualified coaches, general managers and sales teams.

How to request free information about YogaSix

With over 150 studios currently open and over 550 licensed locations worldwide, YogaSix is ​​the largest franchised yoga brand in the world. Filed in Entrepreneur magazineAmong the fastest growing and best new franchises in , YogaSix offers a fresh perspective and approach to the modality that has created boutique fitness and its large, dedicated following.

YogaSix is ​​looking for outgoing franchisees with sales, marketing and/or management experience. Ideal candidates are results driven with a genuine passion for the brand and a mission to bring a new approach to yoga to market. The brand is looking for people who can build relationships, lead a team and have the drive to excel.

To request more information about franchise ownership, please visit the YogaSix brand page at Entrepreneurit is franchise website.

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