LSU UREC offers many different fitness classes that are free for students. From yoga to Pilates to dance classes, LSU offers many options.

But, if you’re like me, the long list of courses can be daunting. Will it be easy? Will I be in pain tomorrow? How bad will I smell afterwards?

So I chose three courses to take to answer all these questions. I gave the classes a score out of ten in three different categories:

Beginner Friendly: How easy the lessons would be for someone with no experience.

Sweat : How demanding each class is and how much sweat you produce. The higher the score, the more you sweat.

Would I return: Could I see myself going to these classes in my free time?

UREC opened a new $200,000 outdoor fitness space on Wednesday after a grand opening ceremony. The 2,500-square-foot space includes pull-ups…

Yoga for relaxation

“Find your inner Chi and bring yourself back to reality. This non-judgmental atmosphere will help lengthen and stretch those tired muscles to recover from all that the week has brought you.

Beginner Friendly: 8/10

Most of the poses were easy. The more advanced poses often had easier alternatives. The soothing voice and instructions from the instructor made the class easy to follow. The end was so peaceful that a friend of mine fell asleep.

Sweat : 4/10

You might accumulate a small amount of sweat, but nothing more than what you would get from walking around campus.

Would I return: 10/10

I went back there. My friends and I enjoyed it enough to make it a weekly activity. I want to find my inner Chi.


“This series of revolutionary exercises is based on breathing and muscle control focused particularly on the trunk.”

Beginner Friendly: 6/10

All of the exercises and stretches were simple and easy to do. Easy to do once, that is. The hard part of Pilates is holding the stretches the whole time or doing a lot of reps. My hips were more sore than they had ever been. However, you can rest when you feel the need.

Sweat : 8/10

You will sweat in this class. Most of the sweating is done in the beginning before lighter stretching and cooling down, so you at least have time to dry off. It won’t help with the smell though.

Would I return: 4/10

The class is ideal for core strength and hip flexibility. If you want to practice, this course would be perfect for you. However, I don’t want practice.

REFIT Revolution

“This cardio-focused dance fitness class combines powerful movements with positive music for a challenging, effective and fun workout.”

Beginner Friendly: 4/10

I’m as clumsy as a cow on roller skates when it comes to dancing. Following the instructor was difficult at times. On the bright side, I didn’t have a problem getting too tired or sore. It would be fun for the more agile.

Sweat : 10/10

As Cardi B once said, “bring a bucket and a mop” because this class is going to get the sweat rolling down the side of you. You will need to go home to take a shower and change your clothes afterwards.

Would I return: 2/10

I don’t think I would go back. Maybe if I forgot my wallet there.