Michal Krizo, the latest mass monster to arrive in the NPC, gave his honest take on a number of issues, including where he thinks he will place at 2022 Olympia, if he qualifies on time. In a recent Q&A video, Krizo revealed his workout split/supplement stack and predicted a top 10 at this year’s Olympia contest.

Slovakian Michal Krizo has established himself as a threat in the Men’s Open division despite not having earned his Pro card yet. He quickly rose to prominence in the bodybuilding community after switching to NPC. The transition prompted Krizo to visit a few bodybuilding hotspots, which began at Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, located in Syosset, New York.

His next stop saw him pose in front of respected bodybuilding trainer Milos Sarcev. “The Mind” surprised and complemented Krizo’s massive physique. He also said that Krizo will have a huge impact on the Open class when he brings his talents to the IFBB Pro League.

Michal Krizo didn’t stop at Dragon’s Lair Gym; he then visited bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler. Similar to what Sarcev saw, Cutler called Krizo “very dangerous” even though he has yet to earn a Pro card. Additionally, Cutler added that Krizo had muscle streaks that reminded him of seven-time Olympia winner Phil Heath.

With the impact Krizo has already had in the sport this year, the bodybuilding star sat down for a Q&A to discuss a number of critical issues affecting his bodybuilding season, such as diet diet, training splits, supplements and his Olympia 2022 aspirations.

Michal Krizo on supplement stacks and training splits: “We decide what’s right for me and what’s not for me”

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During his last Q&A segment, Krizo discussed the supplements he uses.

“My favorite is of course – protein powder,” Krizo shared. “Yes [rice porridge] we can mention it too. Rice porridge, peanut butter, then vitamins. C, D, Magnesium, Ashwagandha. I take glucose during training, sugar dextrose, and that’s it. I sometimes take BCAAs but it’s more for the taste. I put ice in it. said Krizo.

Krizo only uses creatine out of season. He added that he doesn’t eat beef in the off season and taking creatine compensates for that.

“I did and I still do. I usually take it out of season, but I don’t need it now. No, but I don’t eat a lot of beef out of season and there is creatine in the So since I don’t eat it and it’s good to eat beef out of season because it has a lot of creatine, I compensate for it that way. I don’t like to eat too much beef.

The Open Class star suggested her diet and supplements are tailored to her specific needs.

“It’s a dialogue we have and then we both decide what’s right for me and what’s not right for me. He never told me you had to do this. This is the biggest bulls**t in my opinion. You need to have a conversation. He tells you to eat this and that and then you have to tell him if it’s ok with you or not, if you need to change anything and so on.

There are guys who tell you: eat that, and he will eat it even if he feels like shit eating it and that’s a bad approach,” Krizo explained. “Once a week [I meet with my coach]. Sure, [we communicate] by whatsapp. We are in contact all the time, almost every day.

According to Krizo, he trains Monday to Friday, then takes weekends off. He clarified that quads are trained on Monday, chest and biceps on Tuesday, hamstrings and calves on Wednesday, back on Thursday and shoulders, traps and triceps on Friday.

“Five days off, two days off. So I train Monday to Friday; I have Saturdays and Sundays off. I train the quads on Mondays. Chest and biceps on Tuesday. Hamstrings and calves Wednesday Back Thursday and Friday I train shoulders, traps and triceps.

What spot will Michal earn at Mr. Olympia 2022 if he qualifies?

Michal Krizo thinks he has the potential to finish in the top 10 in his first contest at Olympia. After being asked about his weaknesses, Michal said he had none and clarified that athletes can’t talk about them or people will focus their attention on them.

“I don’t expect anything but if I qualify this year I would like to be in the top 10. And next year – at least in the top six,” Krizo explained. “We are not talking about weaknesses. Exactly. I have no weakness. You can’t talk about it, otherwise people will focus their attention on it.

Krizo revealed that his original plan was to study sales and tourism. After being accepted into several schools, he finally found bodybuilding and it became his passion.

Before wrapping up the discussion, Krizo shared how much weight he can squat, deadlift, and bench press.

“I don’t do it anymore, but my max was 250 kilograms in the bench press, which is 551 pounds, and 270 kilograms in the deadlifts and squats, which is 595 pounds. But it was in 2016 when I deadlifted so that was five or six years ago. But the bench press I did about two years ago where I developed 250 kilograms.

As of this writing, Krizo intends to make a statement at the upcoming Amateur Olympia Italy competition in mid-October to win his Pro card. If he succeeds in this endeavor, he plans to win the EVLS Prague Pro show weeks later to stamp his ticket to 2022 Mr. Olympia.

Since switching to NPC, Krizo has shared more details about how he prepares his physique for a bodybuilding contest. As well as showing off a full day’s worth of meals, the 32-year-old also revealed his current plan is to get as “big as possible” for the Olympic stage.

Michal Krizo plans to place in the top 10 at this year’s Olympia competition and in the top six next year. If he is able to earn his Pro card and win a Pro show, Krizo will be a huge threat to other competitors on bodybuilding’s biggest stage.

Watch the video below:

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