A Reddit user shared his frustration with the email he said he received from his gym when he tried to cancel his gym membership in a now-viral post.

u/TheGeekThatStoleTech posted a screenshot of the reported email they received from Blink Fitness on the popular “Mildly Infuriating” Reddit forum, where it has received 65,000 votes since it was shared on Wednesday.

The post contained information about what was needed to successfully cancel their Blink Fitness membership, including proof of relocation.

Above is an image of gym equipment. Reddit users shared their thoughts on an email detailing what a gym member had to provide to cancel their membership.

By a IHRSA 2021 Reportgym memberships were frozen or canceled during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a 58% drop in revenue, while 17% of fitness clubs closed.

In 2019, members paid $52 per month on average for a fitness club membership, while two in five members paid less than $25 per month.

“How far will you move from a flashing location?” read a line at the top of the email that u/TheGeekThatStoleTech received. According to their website, Blink Fitness had locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

The message continued and asked for proof of move, their member ID and membership email address.

“Valid proof of moving would include a rental agreement, utility bill, or newly issued driver’s license,” the post read.

After receiving the required documentation, the email stated that they would “help further”.

According to his websiteBlink Fitness’ cancellation policy may vary with different membership agreements.

If someone signed up with a 12-month commitment, they must provide notice before canceling their membership. There are a few exceptions where a member can cancel their annual membership without paying a redemption fee.

People can also choose to pay for a “monthly/no-commitment membership deal”, which also requires notice before cancellation.

“When you cancel, you will have to pay the amount prorated to the notice period,” the website says.

Some of the exceptions to cancellation include members who physically cannot receive services due to a “significant physical disability”, which requires a signed letter from a physician, or if a member moves to a new area where they is over 25 miles from a health club operated by Blink Fitness.

“None of Their Fucking Business”

In the comments section, u/TheGeekThatStoleTech said it pays for a monthly subscription.

Other Redditors pondered the comments section, some of whom said they had a similar experience.

One person said they tried to cancel their own gym membership but continued to be charged for two months until they returned.

“Then they said they had no record of me leaving, so I went to my bank and blocked their payments,” they wrote.

“Had a hell of a time canceling them as well,” another Redditor commented. “You have to do it in person or write a letter.”

“Why is every gym in such a rush when people cancel?” asked a Reddit user.

“They make money from people who join but don’t show up,” one comment read.

“Tf? That’s none of their fucking business,” another Redditor commented. “Just put a stop payment on the card you used and tell them to fold.”

Newsweek contacted u/TheGeekThatStoleTech and Blink Fitness.

Other stories about gym memberships have already gone viral.

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