Kerzner International threw SIRO (Strength, Inclusive, Reflection and Original), a new hotel brand whose goal will be to deliver a balanced wellness experience to guests aspiring to become a healthier, more energetic and rejuvenated version of themselves. The forward-thinking focus will be nurtured by SIRO’s engaging environment, supported by experts in a range of health-related specialties and made especially memorable by the opportunities to experience urban destinations – from urban jungles to serene countryside – through the lens of physical form.

The holistic wellness brand’s first property will be located at Boka Place, a new luxury marina district in Porto Montenegro. Combining a 96-room hotel and 144 managed residences, SIRO Boka Place is designed by a London-based design studio Atellior, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.

“It’s always very exciting to create the first property of a new hotel brand and this is particularly the case with SIRO because it is such a forward-looking concept – destinations of excellence forging an approach of fitness and well-being that meets the aspirations of modernity, global lifestyles, ”said Una Barac, Executive Director of Atellior. Hotel designs. “We are also fortunate to have one of the most amazing places in Europe, overlooking the beautiful Bay of Kotor as well as Porto Montenegro, and the Montenegrin mountains towering behind.”

SIRO Boka Place will provide thoughtful environments for guests and local residents. Public spaces, we are told, will emphasize the social aspect of well-being, providing a fully immersive experience and encouraging social interaction, with a dominant theme of ‘exploration’ and ‘play’ dictating. the tempo. The sculptural bleachers of the lobby amphitheater area will provide an informal and open place to relax and work, where leather cushions add comfort to the typical stadium experience and power outlets are hidden in tables integrated to supply numerous work centers. The lobby is designed to come to life through sight, touch and sound, encouraging patrons to linger.

Since nutrition is essential to well-being and is an integral part of connecting with the culture of the locality, the restaurant will offer an “attentive menu” – balanced and nourishing cuisine prepared by dieticians and SIRO chefs using locally sourced and seasonally harvested ingredients. The restaurant’s design will have an urban vibe, with gray conglomerate stone-effect flooring and exposed service ceilings painted black with a striking black mesh; a backlit wall will create a dramatic focal point. At the center of the space, comfortable living room furniture in shades of gray, black and deep green surrounding the coffee tables will lend themselves to a casual dining experience, while other dining tables will flank the perimeter and spill out onto the the meticulously furnished terrace.

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Next to the restaurant will be another essential feature of the ground floor lobby; the Juice Lab and After Work-Out Bar, where bartenders will mix healthy and nutritious cocktails, juices and smoothies.

For those looking for a party vibe, a rooftop bar with live DJs will be a glorious hangout day or night. Contemporary furniture in hues of cognac leather will occupy the space, offering a variety of seating arrangements, from bar stools arranged around large communal tables to comfy lounge chairs. Striking and tailor-made light elements, inspired by the physical movements of sport, will decorate the walls and hang like pendants. Contemporary outdoor furniture will adorn the terrace with lanterns and numerous plantings, creating the perfect outdoor experience and offering views of Boka Bay.

In contrast, rooms are designed as balancing sanctuaries where guests can continue their fitness routine, rejuvenate, and sleep very well using blackout and soundproofing technology. Above all, rooms can quickly and easily transform between active and passive mode, impulse and catering spaces. Each room is equipped with a range of fitness equipment, including punching bags, yoga balls, and free weights, and there’s plenty of space to work out or meditate. Another unique feature of the rooms will be the stretch bars, which are an integral part of the integrated carpentry, allowing guests to exercise while achieving a striking design. In-room mist showers, innovative furniture design, and sustainable materials will work together to create a private retreat for rest, rejuvenation and recovery.

An efficient fitness club will take place in the heart of the hotel. Featuring exclusive equipment and studios for workouts, yoga and dancing, it will provide abundant natural light thanks to the carefully designed tilting roof, reminiscent of the industrial buildings that previously occupied the site. Additionally, there will be the ‘experience box’ – an immersive studio with club-style lighting, sound and a large XL screen, and a 20-meter temperature-controlled smart pool with a retractable roof that will allow guests to train freely whatever the weather, stopping only to enjoy the breathtaking view from the roof of the swimming pool.

As rehabilitation is an important part of the SIRO experience, a “Recovery Lab” will offer sports rehabilitation, innovative procedures, meditation classes and relaxing treatments. The laboratory’s state-of-the-art equipment and procedures will explore new avenues for renewed, improved and harmonious health. Recovery facilities will include a selection of health spa services, ranging from cryo rooms, specialized massage therapies to meditation classes for conscious regeneration.

Igniting clients’ passion for exhilarating outdoor activities, SIRO Boka Place will offer access to a number of demanding sailing circuits, as well as cycle paths of varying intensity. Other outdoor activities will include hiking, boxing, rock climbing, kite surfing, parkour and, during the winter months, skiing, to name a few.

SIRO will also constitute TEAM SIRO, a team of key athletes from around the world who will each play an advisory role as SIRO develops the elements of fitness and wellness at the heart of its immersive lifestyle experience. The first ambassador is British Olympic gold medalist swimmer Adam Peaty – an Olympic, World, European and Commonwealth champion, and a favorite to win gold again at the next Olympics.

“SIRO is a game-changer. »- Una Barac, General Manager of Atellior.

Atellior’s aesthetic for the hotel is inspired by the values ​​of the SIRO brand, reflected in finishes that combine traditional and contemporary materials such as oak, plaster, stone and aniline leather with concrete, metal and glass. In this way, the contrast between the active and passive sides of SIRO, the physical as well as the conscious benefits that the experience provides, are expressed. The dramatic landscape background inspired and defined the color scheme – beige leather and dark green upholstery combined with the softer tones of warm ivory plaster, pale fabrics, and light textured wood. The materials are specified with great care to ensure that they are ISO certified, of regional origin and, where possible, incorporate elements of recycling into their manufacturing process.

Managed residences will range from studios to three-bedroom duplexes and penthouses designed with a clean aesthetic. Clean lines and neutral tones will create an optimal environment for holistic well-being. Similar to the aesthetic of the hotel rooms, they are designed with a calming, neutral palette inspired by local limestone, with pops of color in cognac aniline leather and striking artwork. Ranging in size from 45 square meters to 170 square meters, the managed residences will all be eligible for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program (CBIP).

“SIRO is a game changer,” says Barac. “Developing a unique concept focused on health, well-being and mindfulness has never been more relevant and together, we have the opportunity to reach a benchmark of excellence that will be the foundation of future SIRO hotels. It’s also special for us, as a company with studios in London and Zagreb, to work in Montenegro with such a forward-looking international team.

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Main image credit: Kerzner International