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I will not beat around the bush. Jennifer Lopez, AKA JLo, looks amazing. The 53-year-old (yes, 53), has it all, with a crazy figure, shiny hair, flawless skin and some serious talent too.

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I’m still a little star-obsessed, but it’s for good reason. The singer, dancer and triple threat actress proves that hard work pays off. She’s known for eating well, working out and leading a healthy lifestyle – she’s even completed a triathlon before. Is there anything she can’t do?

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The star, who recently married Ben Afflecksupposedly has two personal trainers – on different coasts naturally – who hold her accountable and plan workout routines that fit her hectic lifestyle.

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I decided to go full JLo for seven days exercising like her (well, as close as I can get).

What is Jennifer Lopez’s workout routine?

JLo is working hard on her figure

JLo is quite rigid with her training. speaking to US Weekly she admitted that she rarely skips her workout.

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“Sometimes I work too late the night before, and I’m like, ‘Ugh, I can’t do this.’ But I’m like, “Do it. It’s only an hour. “It’s just telling you off the ledge of being a lazy bum.”

“I do not like [working out] later; it’s harder to get there when I already have my day going.”

JLo mixes up her workouts

She also revealed that she works out three or four times a week. It’s not as much as I expected, to be honest. But I guess we have to keep in mind that JLo dances a lot, and of course that’s a great form of movement. Thus, his activity levels are likely to be quite high.

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Her New York-based trainer, David Kirsch, admitted the star was “meticulous” about her diet, her sleep and generally everything in her life. speaking to British voguehe said, “It’s not just a physical thing – it’s about transforming every aspect of your life.”

JLo has two personal trainers

He called his workouts “fast paced” and revealed that he adds lots of lower body exercises to Jen’s sessions, including something called “the platypus walk.”

“Jennifer and I do a lot of platypus walks with a wide stance. Also known as the sumo walk squat. It’s great for your inner thighs and butt,” David said.

It also adds single-leg deadlifts (ouch!) and boxing as well as Pilates moves.

JLo’s trainer says his workouts are ‘fast’

I did a bit of online browsing and found a workout created by David. It requires some equipment and a staggering 11 exercises, but I’ll definitely add this spicy little mix to my seven-day challenge.

1. Sumo Squat with Medicine Ball

2. Reverse lunges

3. Plank on a medicine ball

4. Side lunge

5. Dumbbell Row to Tricep Extension

6. Shoulder Taps

7. Side planks

8. Medicine Ball Overhead Slams

9. Resistance Band Torso Rotation

10. Squat with Row and Biceps Curls with Resistance Band

11. Resistance Band Tricep Extensions

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JLo’s other trainer, Dodd Romero, said Oprah Daily that the star trains four to five times a week, one hour each time.

JLo dances regularly to stay in shape

What happened when I followed JLo’s training for seven days?


JLo seems to have been a boxing fan for some time; several years ago, she even filmed various boxing scenes for her TV show, shades of blue.

Boxing is deadly training; I love the buzz I get from hitting a heavy bag, and it’s such a great upper body and core workout too. I boxed for about 45 minutes today, working out three minute intervals and resting for 45 seconds OR jumping for a few minutes instead of resting between boxing sets. The jump rope and the punching bag form an ingenious duo.

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Tuesday I decided on a lower body session, so I could build some booty like JLo.

Using a mix of moves from my research as well as my own exercises, I opted for a mix of strength and HIIT.

I did each exercise three times; 10 reps each time (and each leg for single leg moves). Rest time was minimal between exercises.

JLo has an active life

Dumbbell One-Leg Deadlifts

Romanian barbell deadlifts

Barbell Hip Thrusts

walking dumbbell platypus

Alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells

Bulgarian Split Squats

After this lower body session, I followed up with a 10-minute sprint session on the treadmill. I sprinted for 30 seconds, then took 30 seconds to breathe, 10 times.


Today I went for the 11-move workout (above) created by JLo’s trainer David. I went for a minute on each move, only taking rest to transition between exercises. I did the full circuit twice. This workout targeted your upper body, lower body, and core, without being too intense, and was actually a really nice session.

JLo’s muscles are amazingly sculpted

I also added 20 minutes of boxing at the end, just to maintain the intensity.

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Tuesday’s lower body workout has well and truly started and my glutes are on fire. but I savor this feeling.

Today I went for a HIIT workout, going hard for 45 seconds, taking 15 seconds of rest, then repeating this pattern for 30 minutes.

JLo works hard on every area of ​​her body

It may not sound difficult, but doing this timing scheme was actually brutal. For JLo-style cardio, I did a 30-minute run.


Since JLo completed a triathlon in 2008 (it consisted of a half mile swim, 18 mile bike ride, and 4 mile run), I thought I’d do some cardio.

A 20k run was my calling, followed by a five-mile stationary bike ride. I had planned to go swimming too, but unfortunately I had to go to work.

JLo includes strength training in her routine

Either way, it was awesome, although the five mile bike ride after the 20k run definitely hit the legs harder than I thought it would.

Went for a run, followed by a bike ride to copy JLo’s routine

FYI, a top tip for anyone who loves cardio but finds they seem to struggle with pain afterwards, don’t just slump on the couch after a tough session. Walk slowly for a little while, so that the body can gradually slow down. It aids in recovery and can help keep oxygen-filled blood pumping throughout the body.

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After some research online, I found a workout on Alex Rodriguez(JLo’s ex-fiancé) Instagram page. This was a workout they did during the Covid lockdowns and it seemed pretty straightforward. In 20 minutes, the duo, along with Alex’s children, had to complete as many laps as possible below:

JLo has some seriously toned arms

400m race

15 kettle swings

10 push-ups

15 dumbbell shoulder press

15 dumbbell bent over rows

JLo posed nude and showed off her slender figure

I finished almost five laps, but felt like I had more in the tank. So I danced. As I went, I put a mighty “Independent Ladies” playlist on iTunes and danced around my apartment holding a bottle of air freshener for a mic.

Before I laugh, can I just say that it was the most liberating 20 minutes ever. However, I am by no means a talented dancer, unlike JLo, who dances for a living.


Today I rested. Phew, training like JLo deserves a chill day!

JLo trains at home and in the gym

What did I learn training like JLo for a week?

dancing is so much fun

I like a good dance. And the freedom I felt as I waved my arms and energetically danced in my living room was epic.

Will I consider professional dancing? Probably not to be honest, purely for lack of time, but if I’m ever on vacation and spot a salsa lesson around the pool, then I’ll definitely be there.

High energy means more sleep

My workouts tend to be a mix of slow resistance training and cardio, but J.Lo’s routine was so energetic that I fell asleep earlier than usual. And my sleep was deep!

Without sleep, I certainly don’t think I would have managed this week.

Timed workouts are great for busy lives

The lockdown workout I did on Saturday was awesome because I knew I had exactly 20 minutes to do it, so I worked 10x harder because the finish line was never far away.

Plus, 20 mins? Who doesn’t have 20 minutes to dedicate to their fitness?

I love leg day

Training my lower body will never bore me. I love him so much. Tuesday’s lower body day hit my glutes, hamstrings and quads and hurt me a few days later.

It may not sound nice, but oh it is. Knowing that your legs are getting stronger is just awesome. Ladies, never be afraid to build muscle!!

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