According to the personal trainer and founder of Prehab + Performance Jonathan Nicol, the biggest mistake most people make in their fitness ideologies is the “all or nothing” approach. While performing your best is always a net benefit, he believes that building better habits and gradually improving your lifestyle has the longevity most people crave.

He confirmed this in a recent interview when he married: “Anyone you meet who is in phenomenal physical shape has established great diets, workout routines, habits, and discipline over countless years.” It is this dedication to the craft of improvement and consistency in all facets of physical and mental health that Prehab + Performance has managed to establish itself as one of the leading personal training establishments.

Distance coaching

While lockdowns and the pandemic have accelerated it, remote coaching and fitness programs have been a topic of conversation for some time. As 9-to-5 jobs become less important and remote work becomes more of a normalized concept, planning and maintaining routines has become much more difficult with physical gyms.

Jonathon Nicol has tackled this changing landscape brilliantly with his combo programs that allow for in-person training for those willing to move. Prehab + Performance also offers remote coaching programs that can be used by anyone, anywhere, enabling more people around the world to start their fitness journey the right way.

Diet | Exercise | Inspiration

As we mentioned earlier, the holistic, all-encompassing approach to fitness is what Jonathon Nichol is all about. With over 15 years of coaching experience, he is no stranger to encouraging balance and performance in his regimens.

In conjunction with comprehensive workout and fitness plans, Prehab+Performance also offers extensive meal plan preparation resources and access to guides that give clients a head start on their fitness journey. shape.