Josh Dasilva has been told he may have to agree to never play football again. His unique hip injury sidelined him for the majority of our first-ever Premier League campaign, but it didn’t end his career.

In fact, this week he showed just how far he’s come by scoring in our first pre-season friendly against Boreham Wood.

Sitting with us last week, Josh spoke to us about his long comeback from injury and his return to training this season. The first thing we asked him was about his trip home after what almost seemed like an abrupt end.

“It was tough,” Josh said. “In a way, it was good for me. Most of what happened was out of my control, so I focused on what I could control. form as well as possible.

“I have a good family and good friends, and the people around the club have been second to none. It hasn’t been easy, but I think I’ve handled it pretty well.”

His injury was not known to the fans. There was no exact return date, it wasn’t just a muscle problem or a broken bone and it hadn’t been seen in the team before.

“Simply put, I lost a bit of bone in my hip. It was swollen, so I had to wait for it to go down and then wait for the bone to mend. When you talk to the top specialist in the Kingdom United and he tells you he’s never seen this in sports before.

“The initial conversation was that I might not be able to play anymore. I laughed because I wasn’t going to stop playing. I just knew that whatever time it took for me to come back is what it would be.

“There were no alarm bells ringing, but I thought originally it would just be an eight to 12 week injury. You get the news that it’s going to be a lot longer and you don’t just keep going and cracking.”

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