Kourtney Turner never thought of herself as a runner, but completing the Los Angeles Marathon four times led to a shift in perception. This included the 26-mile run twice in four months, a tall physical challenge for even the most experienced marathon runners.

“When I started running for the foundation, I was always correcting people when they called me a runner because I didn’t feel fast enough to warrant that label,” Turner told DodgerBlue.com.

“I always thought of runners as elite athletes who finished the marathon in half the time of anyone else. But I think after my fourth marathon I should stop correcting them. .

“There are so many marathon runners from all walks of life with different motivations, abilities and paces. I’ve learned that a marathon is a huge accomplishment in itself, regardless of the finish time. The running community is absolutely amazing and sometimes those ‘behind the peloton’ riders turn out to be the most inspiring.

While Turner had previous experience running the Los Angeles Marathon, doing it in such a short time frame presented a new hurdle. “I took about a month off and then went right back into the schedule for a traditional workout plan,” she explained.

“My body was still a bit built up from last year’s race, but it was definitely more difficult. My body didn’t feel as rested as it had in the past, so I just accepted the fact that this was going to be painful.

“It was such a relief to cross the finish line and know that I have another year to prepare for the next one.”

Another adjustment was not seeing Justin Turner along the way, as he was on the Los Angeles Dodgers roster on marathon day. Justin was always the race starter at Dodger Stadium and moved along the course to cheer on Kourtney and other runners.

However, due to the MLB lockdown creating a shortened spring training period, the couple decided it was best they stayed at Camelback Ranch.

“It was so different for me because I’m used to having it along the course like little motivational points,” Kourtney acknowledged. “I know a lot of fans missed seeing him kick off the race and cheering on the runners and taking selfies along the course too. I had a few friends along the way who showed up to cheer.

“My friend Kate who works at the Dream Center was at mile 6 at Sunset and Alvarado. My friend Mike was in Hollywood near the Pantages Theater, and my other friend Matt was just around the corner from West Hollywood.

“The turnout from spectators has been incredible this year. The course in November seemed a little empty but this time it was moving. I didn’t have anyone near the end of the course and that’s when you really start to swoon so I had to pretend everyone was there cheering me on and imagining that all the signs had my name on it.

In addition to being an ambassador for the Los Angeles Marathon, Kourtney took advantage of the event to raise funds for initiatives led by the Justin Turner Foundation, of which she is the vice-president. For Justin, Kourtney is truly the driving force behind the couple’s charitable efforts.

“He’s a scary rock star,” he said. “I don’t know how she does everything she does, but I wouldn’t be able to do this without here.”

Through contributions made directly in support of Kourtney and members who joined the Justin Turner Foundation team for the marathon, over $40,000 was raised. “In our five years as the official charity of the LA Marathon, we’ve raised over $200,000,” Kourtney said.

“It was so amazing to have people contacting us and asking how they can join the team. We have more riders every year who want to join us for a good cause. I love reading emails from members of our team where they share their motivation and the reasons for wanting to race.

Kourtney Turner’s personal milestone

Despite the compressed period to recover, Kourtney set a personal best in the 2022 LA Marathon.

“It was all the more emotional to cross the finish line given the short turnaround time,” she said. “I knew it was going to be a challenge when I signed up, but as the miles went on I really felt the extra fatigue.

“The last mile out of Santa Monica seems like an eternity, but when I finally turned that corner onto the Avenue of Stars, I was overwhelmed with joy. Mainly because I achieved my goal of a PR on a short rest and partly because I won’t have to run another marathon for a year.

Kourtney Turner, Justin Turner, Los Angeles Marathon 2022

“I’ve been spoiled for the past three years to have Justin every two miles along the course and waiting at the finish line. It always made the miles go by a little faster to just focus on his next location. I had to dig deep and think about my reason for running to stay motivated and not let my mind wander and create any doubts.

“I was grateful to have friends waiting for me at the finish line. All the LA Marathon ambassadors met after the race to celebrate and congratulate each other. Justin followed me the entire race and FaceTimed me immediately after he finished.

“It was so nice to be able to see him and show him my medals before he stepped onto the pitch for the game.”

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