Contradicting statements by LAPD Chief Michel Moore, the attorney representing the family of an officer fatally injured during a training exercise said on Tuesday he had evidence the man’s injuries included a wound to his the head.

At last week’s police commission meeting, the chief denied that Tipping had been beaten or hit on the head.

Bradley Gage produced an image he says came from a CT scan of Officer Houston Tipping’s head.

“You’ll see six items there that show there were staples to Officer Tipping’s head,” he said. Gage also provided what he said was an image from an MRI that appeared to show staples.

The footage comes from a video of hospital records made by Tipping’s parents, according to Gage.

The allegation of such injuries was first made in a lawsuit filed by Gage on behalf of Tipping’s mother. He alleges his son was involved in a drill that simulated a “crowd” and was “repeatedly hit in the head badly enough to cause him to bleed”.

The injury

Tipping, 32, died on May 29, three days after sustaining a spinal cord injury during a training exercise at Elysian Park Police Academy. Moore said Tipping, a five-year LAPD veteran, was working as a bicycle instructor in a scenario that involved “struggling” with another officer.

Following the family’s allegations in their claim, Moore took the unusual step of commenting on the case at last week’s police board meeting. The department generally does not comment on ongoing litigation and the claim is a precursor to a lawsuit.

“Officer Tipping did not sustain any head laceration, cuts or anything to the head as a result of his fall to the ground when he and another officer fell to the ground,” Moore said.

“Officer Tipping was also not punched or beaten,” the chief added.

Gage said either the leader was lying or he was getting bad information from his subordinates. He said he doesn’t believe a fall explains Tipping’s injuries.

“I can’t believe this kind of injury was caused by anything other than an intentional act,” he said.

Gage called the district attorney’s office to investigate Tipping’s death.

Information posted online by the LA County Medical Examiner-Coroner lists Tipping’s cause of death as spinal cord injury. There are no other major injuries to report.

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