Do you suffer from Zoom fatigue while working remotely? Want your real background to look as inviting as your virtual background? So maybe it’s time to swap your usual work-from-home routine for work from a refresh far from home with our remote work restart.


Where to stay? Located just a short walk from the city center, The Wesley offers Walla Walla guests the perfect balance of a private retreat in the heart of downtown. Each Wesley suite has its own private bathroom and kitchenette.


Where should you work? For a more traditional office environment and amenities, pick up a day pass or extended membership at Kindling Coworking, located near the heart of downtown.


Where should you train? Whether you prefer to start your mornings off right, reset your mind and body at noon, or let off steam at the end of the day, Walla Walla has several fitness centers and studios that welcome walk-in clients:

Yoga: Before heading to work, work out in the morning at Kaleidoscope Studios, which offers a variety of movement classes, including yoga and cycling. New member passes can be a smart option for those opting for a longer stay.

HIIT: Destination Community Fitness is a Crossfit-style HIIT gym. Although DCF welcomes walk-in visitors from out of town, they require that walk-in guests have prior experience in HIIT or Crossfit style training.

Eat + Drink

Breakfast/Working session: It’s a weekday morning and you feel energized after a short walk to the Coffee Perk, just off First Avenue Plaza. At the counter, order yourself a hot latte and a toasted croissant sandwich, then settle into a comfortable corner to open your laptop and start running! Coffee Perk offers indoor and outdoor seating, with a cozy ambience that invites customers to stay awhile.

Lunch (outing): An authentically local Walla Walla experience requires a stop at Sweet Basil Pizzeria. Whether you want to have a productive working lunch or put the to-do list aside for a while, the Sweet Basil Dining Room offers a friendly environment with guest Wi-Fi.

Lunch (in): For a day when you’ve achieved good workflow, start working from the comfort and privacy of your suite, order a hearty sandwich and a cup of soup of the day from the Stone Soup Cafe for delivery. Because Stone Soup Cafe is only open Monday through Friday, most weekend visitors to Walla Walla won’t know what they’re missing, but a quick peek in the cafe windows during the weekday lunchtime will attest to just how much of a must-try this cafe is. is to the community.

Create your own farm-to-table dinner: While there are many excellent restaurants in town, take a night out to roll up your sleeves and cook your own farm-to-table meal using locally sourced Walla Walla produce or meats. Check out Butcher Butcher for great meats, cheeses and charcuterie. On Thursdays from 4-7pm (May-September), you can visit the College Place Farmers and Artisan Market for a range of local produce and crafts.

Happy Hour: After a hard day’s work, unwind with beers and camaraderie at Burwood Brewery, Quirk or 5 Dollar Ranch Brewing – many with pub trivia and food truck service to turn it into a meal. Whether you’re looking for a cozy lounge to fend off the winter chill or a sunny patio to soak up the golden light of spring, Marcy’s Bar and Lounge offers a well-curated happy hour menu of seasonal cocktails and appetizers.


What can you do for fun? Treat yourself to a midweek movie night at the Gesa Power House Theatre. Most Wednesday evenings, the Gesa Power House Theater hosts independent film screenings or live cinema screenings of Royal Shakespeare Company productions. Check the events calendar to find out what unique films or other productions will be screened during your stay.