The two started life on Merseyside with pre-season training this week, although the manager revealed Ramsay’s integration had been slightly delayed by a minor fitness issue.

Klopp went on to explain why the pair’s mix of long-term potential and early experience made them such sought-after signings ahead of the new campaign.

“Because of their quality,” he said of Carvalho and Ramsay’s reasons for joining the club. “Quality is the first thing, then age comes into play.

“Because if you have quality and you’re 32, I’m very interested, to be honest. But quality and being 18 or 19, already playing a lot of games, having a real impact on the performance of their team for their former clubs, that’s rare, and both had that.

“Unfortunately Calvin is no longer training with us at the moment, he has a small injury. No one knew about it, we found him during his medical visit. Until today he has no problems , but the medical department tells us that if we don’t take care of it now, it will have a problem in the future.

“So when you’re so young, of course he has a long career ahead of him, so we’re very responsible in those times, so he hasn’t trained with the team yet but is doing a lot of fitness work. So it won’t take too long I think.

“So I haven’t seen him in training yet but everything we’ve seen about him, we’ve heard about him, I’ve heard about him: a fantastic boy. And what a player he is, what he did for Aberdeen last year, absolutely outstanding.

“In his age group and you know what we need from a full-back, he’s as close as it gets to what we want and is still a kid. So we really expect a lot from him in the long term.