When Matthijs de Ligt made his first appearance for Bayern Munich against DC United, it must have shut down after less than thirty minutes for unknown reasons. Most assumed the scorching heat and jet lag were factors in the Dutchman’s sudden withdrawal from the game. However, Julian Nagelsmann has revealed that De Ligt came to Munich with a serious fitness deficit from his former club.

By ImageHere’s what the coach had to say on the MDL issue and his problems in training:

I spoke to him after practice and he told me the practice was the toughest in four years. At the same time, it was hard, but not that hard. Normal for Dr. Broich. He didn’t play that many minutes last season, and I heard that in Italy it’s not easy to stay in shape. You have to train hard with him…

Phew. Seriously, what were they doing in Turin? Juventus are generally known to have intense training sessions, at least under Max Allegri. Maybe everything is relative and Bayern’s sessions are all the more intense.

The good news is that if the training is true, then we haven’t seen Matthijs de Ligt at peak fitness during his entire time at Juventus. The bad news is that it could take a lot of work (and time) for the coaching staff to get them up to speed on the upcoming season. Considering the Super Cup against RB Leipzig is a week away, Nagelsmann might be sweating a bit now.