January 10, 2022 5:52 PM STI

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], Jan. 10 (ANI / NewsView): Staying in shape has always been a challenge – even more so during lockdowns and when work-from-home policies are in place.
Yes, fitness trainers started workouts online and there were a lot of takers, but proper advice and feedback on the exercises was lacking.
Natasha Health, founded by Pritish Swarup, is designed to tackle this problem. The platform leverages computer vision technology through the user’s smartphone camera and provides real-time feedback on workouts.
While there are many digital solutions that track user movements through motion sensors attached to a user’s body, there is a lack of exercise correction or remote physical therapy due to the lack of of TelePT (TeleHealth Physical Therapists) during the training session.
According to the founder of Natasha.Health Pritish Swarup, “I took gym and fitness classes as much as I could. When I couldn’t, I used fitness apps like Nike Training Club, Aaptiv, Cult, etc. But the main challenge was to keep track of my progress. use Fitbit or Apple Watch, but it only works well for running and cycling. “

“We wanted something that could track our workouts and give real-time feedback on our workouts. In short, we wanted a personal trainer who could provide appropriate advice and feedback, without spending any money. that moment we realized we could just build that, ”he added.
With continuous, real-time exercise feedback on Natasha.Health, users are guided step by step to stay in good shape, helping them gain confidence in their movements. Natasha.Health’s USP lies in its no-frills model. It does not require any additional hardware or sensors, using only users’ own mobile devices. And therefore, users are allowed to attend workouts with proper guidance – accessible anytime, anywhere.
He further said that recent advances in hardware, machine learning and AI have made it possible to create such a solution accessible on smartphones, although it is still a new concept. After months of R&D, the technology finally worked, enabling pose tracking via mobile devices for the first time, allowing the team to create Natasha in a much more accessible and distributable way.
Commenting on the inspiration behind the launch of Natasha.Health, Pritish added, “We probably all have loved ones who struggle with obesity or health issues but don’t know where to start and how to begin. , I have lost a lot of important people in my life and it was time to act. Here we are, after months of hard work with a product that tries to bring fitness to everyone. “
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