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After the recent announcement that the Mesabi Family YMCA was disbanding, a group of former YMCA members, area nonprofits, and community leaders began meeting to discuss the potential use of the facility for the pursuit of recreation by the community. The lack of alternatives for aquatic fitness and family recreation are major concerns. This group is now the Mesabi Fit Coalition, a non-profit organization.

The Mesabi Fit Coalition is open to information to develop a business plan for the facility in the future. This may include partnerships with other organizations with complementary interests to ours. Until the facility becomes available for sale or transfer of ownership, we are committed to developing a responsible and workable plan on behalf of this community – a plan that ensures that older adults can enjoy the benefits of water aerobics at low impact. , all children have the chance to learn to swim and there are new opportunities for family recreation.

The Mesabi Fit Coalition asks all former Y members, volunteers and other interested individuals to support our efforts by visiting our webpage www.mesabifitcoalition. and complete a form indicating coalition mission support. This ensures that your voice is counted in the campaign to save this installation for the use of the whole community.

You can also contact the group at [email protected] or by calling 218-274-9811.

The former Y facility was more than a fitness club. It was a widespread investment in health, opportunity and community. It would be a waste to see these resources lost or made available to only a select few.

Submitted by the Mesabi Fit Coalition.