Council Rock South tennis aces Mikkel Zinder and Alex Sterin aren’t hard to find. If you see one, the other is nearby.

“We’ve always been pretty close,” Sterin said. “It’s a really good feeling to know that you have someone watching over you.”

“It’s always been that way for us,” Zinder said. “It’s who we are. We feel pretty good about it.”

And rightly so. Zinder and Sterin or Sterin and Zinder. It doesn’t matter whose name is first. They are winners. With tournament time fast approaching for districts and states, Council Rock South head tennis coach Eric Scholl has a delicious problem deciding which of his juniors he’d like to coach the Golden Hawks.

“I told them at the start of the season that I was going to alternate them by being number 1 [singles]”, Scholl said. “It really wasn’t much more than that, and so far it has worked. They haven’t been beaten yet.”

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On Monday, Sterin was No. 1 and he beat Andy Wang of Wissahickon, 6-1, 6-1. Not to be outdone, Zinder easily won their match against Noah Cylich, 6-2, 6-1. And for the 11th consecutive time, Council Rock South won again in team tennis.

“We’re doing pretty well right now,” said Sterin, a right-hander with a bad backhand. “He puts our name on, and we go out and play. It doesn’t change too much for us until we get to the United States.”

Council Rock South's Alex Sterin is thinking about placing in the PIAA tournament.

The state tournament is a different beast. Last year, Zinder finished second to Sterin in the District One Class 3A singles tournament. Zinder placed third in the PIAA tournament; Sterin lost in the quarterfinals.

“This year we want to go one, two in the state tournament,” said Zinder, who has a solid forehand. “That’s what we have in mind. It doesn’t matter which one comes first. We want to be there.”

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Both Sterin and Zinder are members of the Northampton Tennis and Fitness Center. When they’re not batting balls for Council Rock South, they can be found slamming Richboro.

“That’s how they are,” Scholl said. “Usually if you’re looking for one, you’re going to find the other somewhere nearby.”

Both are looking to play tennis collegially.

“I would love to go to Stanford,” Zinder said. “I looked around and it looks like this is the place or me. Now getting in there, well that’s another story but I like what I saw.”

Sterin does not think of such a dramatic gesture.

“Somewhere around [North Carolina] I’m fine with that,” Sterin said. “We can part ways, but we’ll stay close.”