Jeffrey M. Willardson, Ph.D., CSCS*D, has been selected as an editor and chapter author for the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s second edition of its best-selling book, “Developing the Core.” Willardson, an associate professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance at Montana State University Billings, also served as editor and author of the first edition chapter of this book in 2013.

The NSCA is a leading certification body for fitness professionals. NSCA Director of Publications and Education Keith E. Cinea, MA., praises Willardson’s work on these topics. “Dr. Willardson is a longtime member and contributor to the NSCA. He has written numerous articles on core training and other topics in the ‘Strength and Conditioning Journal’, making his selection as editor chief of ‘Developing the Core’ an obvious choice.”

Willardson said, “I am honored to have been selected to work with top professionals in the field to deliver the most cutting-edge information on fitness training for health and athletic performance. The core is a target area of ​​the body for general fitness and athletics.

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“Willardson’s hard work on the first edition of the book was reflected in the final result. The book stood out in the field and became one of the best sellers in the NSCA’s Sport Performance series. The NSCA is delighted to have him back for the second edition to share his expertise and once again serve as editor,” Cinea said.

Willardson asserts that the expertise found among MSU Billings health and human performance faculty and staff is of high quality and anchors the department’s mission to prepare highly competent professionals who are committed to leadership, lifelong learning, exceptional service and the promotion of healthy lifestyles in a variety of health, physical education and sport settings.