For the third consecutive year, sailors will participate in a fitness assessment cycle in 2023.

Historically, two cycles are conducted each calendar year, but this changed in March 2020 when the Navy canceled all physical fitness assessments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Testing did not resume until July 2021 as part of a single PFA cycle.

Next year’s PFA will run from February 1 to November 30.

Due to the single cycle, the Navy does not grant exemptions to sailors who have already achieved excellent or better overall performance levels. This was also the case last year.

“There will be no Excellent or Superior Incentive Exemption for CY23,” a Naval Administrative message said. “… Commanding Officers, Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge are encouraged to use physical readiness program incentive programs (special release, award certificates, etc.).”

Postpartum sailors must wait 12 months to take the PFA after giving birth, and could remain exempt from the aptitude test until 2024.

“Seafarers whose pregnancy (postpartum) status expires during the official PFA cycle are exempt from participating in the PFA cycle,” the NAVADMIN said.

Next year marks the third year the Navy has included planks in its physical fitness assessments, although plank scores did not count until the 2022 PFA. Plank scores were only used for record purposes and did not count towards the overall score this year, the Navy said.