Austin Noon Kiwanis selected Austin High School student Ingrid Dolan Peterson as Student of the Month.

Ingrid Dolan Peterson

“My university experience has been unique to say the least,” Ingrid said of her academic experience with African horse sickness. “The only normal years of high school were my junior year and senior years. Due to COVID, my second year was cut short and my first year was hybrid style. I was only at school on Thursdays and Fridays. COVID has been a difficult time, but it hasn’t stopped me from achieving my academic goals. I found that I liked the freedom the hybrid schedule gave me, so I created my own hybrid schedule for this year which consists of online classes through classes at Riverland and Austin High School. Because of the opportunity to take college classes while in high school, I feel very well prepared for classes at NDSU in the fall.

School activities Ingrid has participated in include Austinaires, Swimming, Figure Skating, Link Crew, Youth Leadership, Go Green Club and Packer Pantry.

“I learned about teamwork and how important it is to have people you can work with and get along with,” she said. “I also learned that it’s important for everyone to work together, not just one person who is 100% invested.”

As for community-related activities, Ingrid volunteered at Mower County Senior Center during COVID-19, where she helped pack and distribute meals to community members. As a member of the swim team, she contributed to United Way’s Day of Caring. She has also volunteered her time to help with JV Girls’ and Boys’ swimming competitions and teaching young skaters how to skate. She accumulated 185.75 hours for the Scarlet Cord program at AHS.

“I learned to give back to my community and how important it is to help each other in times of need,” said Ingrid.

Regarding her post-secondary/career plans: “After high school, I attend North Dakota State University in Fargo to study dietetics and exercise science. NDSU has a five-year master’s degree program that I intend to complete to become a registered dietitian. I hope to help people live healthier and happier lives. I imagine myself working in a fitness center, an eating disorder treatment center or a weight loss center.

Ingrid further shared, “Someone who has impacted me positively is my mum. She has always been supportive, whether it was in school, in sports or in anything else. She understands that I have high expectations of myself and want to achieve all of my goals, she also understands me as a person and knows when I need a pep talk, a hug or a hug. a shoulder to cry on. I know she is proud of me and will always be there to support me.