GLENDALE, Wis.— Northshore Wellness Collective in Glendale opened its doors less than a year ago. They offer several different classes that allow moms to train with their little ones beside them. NWC was designed to help every pregnant person and new parent feel supported through life’s transitions. You’ll find personal trainers, physical therapists, licensed yoga teachers, and postpartum exercise specialists who teach classes.

The Mommy & Me Fitness session was imagined by Alex Megan, a mother of three children.

“My inspiration came from my own experience with children,” said Megan, an NASM-certified personal trainer who specializes in postpartum and prenatal exercises. “I really struggled after getting them and didn’t know where to find the support I needed to feel my best and exercise again and even where to start, so I became a personal trainer. and postpartum/prenatal exercise specialist and my mission now is to serve women.”

The Mommy and Me Fitness class is for the prenatal, postpartum mom and beyond.

“Abdominal separation is really, really common and if you don’t fix it properly by using your breath, reconnecting with your deep muscles, unfortunately you can create more problems. So it’s so important that you find an expert who knows how to care for your specific postpartum body,” Megan said.

Northshore Wellness Collective opened during the COVID pandemic because the mothers who run it knew there was a need for community and knew people wanted to feel comfortable keeping their children healthy and healthy. safety during the pandemic. Children are invited to spend time in a play area next to the fitness room and watch their mothers work out or even participate. After the mommy and me fitness session, kids can participate in craft activities with Little Sprouts.

Other classes offered include: Yoga After Cancer, Little Yogis for Kids, and Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga.