Trade and education leaders are moving forward with plans to open a groundbreaking new health and fitness resort later this year.

Sion Pritchard and Rich Blake launched LVL5 Gyms Ltd, taking a fresh approach to the industry with proposals for an accessible and innovative environment welcoming people of all ages and abilities.

The duo have invested in state-of-the-art equipment – ​​including localized cryotherapy and the region’s first Fit3D Proscanner – and envision a completely different offering centered around positivity and wellness. The location will be revealed at a later date once final details and planning are confirmed.

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Rich, personal trainer and Workplace Resilience and Wellbeing Master Practitioner (WRAW MP) of Dwygyfylchi, and Sion, owner of PetPlace, of Colwyn Heights, met four years ago and became training partners before decide to turn their ideas into reality.

Both felt they could bring something different to North Wales and are determined to improve the industry and provide visitors with a first class experience.

“I know firsthand the difference a healthy body and mind can make to your overall outlook, because ever since I changed my routine and lifestyle, my personal and professional life has never been better,” Sion said.

“It’s not just about hitting the gym, lifting weights and training hard, we’re aiming for so much more than that, a warm and welcoming community, an experience people have never had before. From equipment to the social aspect of keeping fit, we will be at the forefront of industry advancements and instill a culture of caring, safety, mindfulness and hard work, without pressure and with a positive attitude – we can’t wait to get started.”

A partnership with the pioneering Glasgow-based organization Primal Strength and a philosophy derived from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – self-actualization, esteem, love/belonging, safety, physiology – underpin this upcoming venture.

Rich says that with its core values, LVL5 is in great shape moving forward.

“We took our time building the brand, finding the perfect location, and custom designing a state-of-the-art facility that will have a big impact on the health and fitness space,” he said.

“There will be plenty of options for people who want to come and train or who prefer instructor-led sessions, one-on-one support and small group activities. We’ll also be giving free talks and presentations with industry experts, and more.

“LVL5 will be designed to be accessible to everyone, and there is a huge demand there for what we anticipate, especially after the pandemic where physical and mental health have become even more of a priority. We just want our members to experience what Sion and I have been through for the past few years, how exercise, nutrition, and self-care can make you a happier, healthier person, mentally and physically.

Sion echoed those words and said, “We will continue to invest, continue to bring the latest technology, and continue to raise the bar.

“At this point we can’t say much other than ‘watch this space’, something very, very exciting, modern and fresh is coming and we think it’s going to revolutionize the gym experience. here in North Wales.”

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