By Ruth Oketunde

Some parents in Kubwa, a suburb of the Federal Capital Territory, called on parents to promote cycling among children to improve their mental and physical well-being.

They gave advice during a first edition of a 10 kilometer cycling competition organized for children under 16, in Abuja.

Parents who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in separate interviews said the bike gives children the freedom and independence to move around.

Ms. Izin Adaghe, a parent and one of the organizers of the competition, said the initiative aims to improve the welfare of children.

She added that it is good for them to start young because children who start cycling have a better mental attitude and are relieved of stress.

“Although some of these children know how to ride a horse but do not have confidence in them, but with this event, confidence has grown in them.

“The bike is also a means of transportation and once they can ride well they can take their bikes and run errands and it’s also a way for them to exercise,” she said. declared.

Another parent and organizer of the competition, Mrs. Marian Oluwapidan, added that the competition aims to encourage children to commute to school using their bicycles.

“Nowadays we have a lot of parents running around to run errands to school, even when the school is behind their house.

“But with this competition, the children will have self-confidence and can go to school, which will reduce the burden on their parents,” she added.

Master Raji Clinton, a 13-year-old who emerged from all the winners of the contest, appreciated the group for organizing the contest.

“It was a good experience, although scary, but I thank God and I’m grateful to have emerged victorious,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that at the end of the competition, prizes were awarded to the winners and runners-up participants in each category. (NOPE)