Personal Trainer to the Stars Dylan Rivier’s approach to fitness has recently moved away from “full throttle” workouts to find balance.

Bondi-based personal trainer to the stars, Dylan Rivier, has seen his fair share of full-throttle fitness sessions on the sands of North Bondi over the years, with his clients only too happy to push themselves to the edge of exhaustion in pursuit of their health and fitness goals.

With a client list that includes Pip Edwards, Gyton Grantley and a host of models and influencers who call Bondi home, Rivier says he knows how seriously his clients take their fitness goals and how ready they are. to work to achieve them.

But just as the tide changes in Bondi, Rivier’s approach to fitness has changed lately – and it’s something we should all keep in mind as we try to stick to our resolutions. New Year’s Eve for 2022.

The full-throttle attack is over. In its place? Balance.

“Without a doubt, it’s a matter of balance,” says Rivier.

“In my experience, too much of anything is detrimental to your health. The idea of ​​health and fitness is certainly not defined by the amount of training or the quality of your diet.

“The idea, in my opinion, is to make lifestyle decisions that you can stick with forever. Don’t deny the things that make you happy in life, just make sure you take a balanced approach. life is short and it is there to be lived.

Rivier’s other big tip for sticking to your health and fitness goals this year? Forget fads. Classics are classics for a reason.

“The fitness industry is funny. I’ve been around long enough to see it both change and stay the same,” he says.

“At the end of the day, there are only a limited number of different ways to squat, lunge, push, pull – the so-called innovation is just one variation.

“There is a reason why classic exercises are still used. They work!”

Dylan Rivier on…

Workout for your mind

“The mind is an important part of your overall well-being and for me working out is meditation. If I can’t work out I find my mood noticeably different and on the other hand , when I train, I feel fantastic.

“The other important thing to learn is that there is nothing wrong with not being happy 24/7. Somewhere along the line, society got caught up in the pursuit relentless happiness. We’re not supposed to be happy all the time! It’s okay and healthy to be sad, scared, confused.

Do not deprive yourself of joy

“Don’t deny the things that make you happy, as long as it’s done in a measured and balanced way. This burger won’t hurt you!

To sleep

“Sleep is where all good things happen. It’s not all about the gym or your run, it

occurs after you have finished your session, after filling your body with nutrients and sleeping.

“I have very few electronic devices in my room. I don’t touch my phone for 30 minutes before bed and turn off all notifications overnight. I never watch TV in my bedroom or work on my laptop. I think these are really important when it comes to sleep quality.

* Dylan Rivier is a Bio-Oil Skincare Oil Ambassador and personal trainer based in Bondi


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