WV, USA, April 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For elite athletes as well as exercise enthusiasts at all fitness levels, there are few things more rewarding than completing a tough workout . The sense of accomplishment and purpose can be felt in sweat and sore muscles.

But working out is only part of the health and wellness routine. Another important element is recovery. Unfortunately, this is an area that is too often overlooked as essential to achieving your fitness goals. By neglecting a dedicated recovery plan, athletes are more susceptible to pain, injury and diminished results.

So what’s the best way to recover after a hard workout? To Revitalize sportsthey found the answer lies in active recovery, taking time to stretch and cool down, and refueling your body with the right ingredients.

With their Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drink, they’ve created a formula that combines the very best recovery ingredients: important vitamins and minerals, electrolytes and CBD – each with a specific purpose to help athletes recover faster and stay on their path to success. sporting excellence.

Essential vitamins and minerals

There are several essential minerals that athletes should target in their recovery: magnesium, calcium, sodium (salt) and potassium. With the right combination of minerals, you give your body the right tools to relax, repair and recover.

  • Magnesium: This is essential to support healthy muscle function. After a particularly difficult exercise, magnesium helps the muscles to relax after contracting during training. It can help you reduce muscle cramps and spasms.
  • Calcium: In addition to preventing muscle cramps, calcium also plays a key role in muscle growth and in regulating heart rate. Because it influences nerve impulses, it also plays a role in reducing muscle spasms.
  • Sodium: Although most people know that too much salt can be harmful to health, few realize that a salt deficiency can also be dangerous. Sodium regulates muscle contractions, nerve impulses and fluid levels in the body. Without a proper balance of salt and water, athletes can suffer from dehydration and organ failure.
  • Potassium: Most commonly found in bananas, potassium helps regulate electrical signals sent to muscles. During recovery, potassium allows your muscles to relax and contract properly.


Electrolytes are something that’s been popping up in health and fitness journals as well as recovery drinks for years. But what do they do and how can they help you recover completely?

Electrolytes are crucial for moving water in and out of cells. Simply put, they help your cells repair micro tears in muscle fibers, promote rehydration in the body, help you recover and maintain a stable body temperature, and improve cell regeneration.

To Revitalize sportstheir recovery drink is boosted with essential electrolytes and minerals, giving your body exactly what it needs to start the recovery process fast.


Although CBD is only beginning to be appreciated for its healing properties, the team at Revitalize sports understood its importance for years. CBD has been shown to relieve muscle pain, especially delayed onset muscle pain.

CBD is also essential for reducing muscle damage caused by micro tears that occur during intense training sessions. It aids in relaxation, pain relief and reduction of inflammation in the body, allowing athletes to recover faster and return to training with less physical damage.

Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drink

To Revitalize sports, they’ve designed a recovery formula that harnesses the healing properties of essential vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, and CBD. Together, these ingredients promote faster and more effective healing.

Finally, their exclusive formula eliminates the consumption of sugar, which can slow down the recovery process.

For athletes of all levels and fitness levels, Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drink can help maximize potential, speed up recovery, and help you achieve your toughest fitness goals.

The company is looking to establish additional manufacturing and distribution operations in other states. “We are looking to sign retail chains and distribution companies. As we continue to grow, we are confident that we will secure the necessary capital through shareholders to sell both domestically and internationally,” said Mersaydes Humphrey, CEO.

To learn more about Revitalize Sports and its line of recovery drinks, please visit www.revitalizesports.com.

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