A lawsuit recently filed by management of a luxury apartment building on the Upper East Side alleges that a resident who swam in the wrong lanes of the communal pool also pooped there, but Helen Hirsh, 83, told the Daily Beast that was the condo. a management full of them.

Lawyers for Rio The Condominium and Spa on East 65 St. alleged in court papers Wednesday that Hirsh “defecated in the fitness center pool and then again in the fitness center shower.”

“The Condominium was required to close the fitness center pool so that it could be properly sanitized in accordance with applicable state health code and applicable state health code, and to decommission the fitness center shower so that it can be cleaned and disinfected. As a result, other unit owners and residents were unable to use the pool or shower during these times,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit also alleges that Hirsh “yells and makes loud noises while using the gym and pool” and “on numerous occasions failed to wear proper attire in the gym (while using gym equipment). sportswear in a wet bathing suit and without wearing proper sports shoes) [or] take a shower before using the pool.

After the council suspended her access to these facilities, she found her way back by “deceptively obtaining a code to access the fitness center from a property broker who had ‘shown it to potential buyers’, and even forced her way into the fitness center as another resident walked out the door of the fitness center. The defendant called the police to the building when building staff attempted to restrict her access to the fitness center. »

In a Wednesday night interview with The Daily Beast, Hirsh says the allegations are mostly untrue and she would be filing a countersuit.

“No, it’s really ridiculous; I was a doctor before,” Hirsh told The Daily Beast when asked about swimming in incorrect pool lanes. ” I do not know how to swim ; I always swim close to the wall, you know, close to the wall.

“I’m scared,” she admitted, while sharing that her doctor assigned her to daily workouts in the pool after she broke her leg, which she says left her disabled . “Of course you [swim] Near the wall!”

“Yeah, I can’t swim. I’m not very good then,” Hirsh said with a laugh.

Asked about the poo allegation, she replied, “No, never,” then added, “Maybe I’m getting old.”

She asked, “Do they have proof? Ridiculous, I was a doctor before!

Next, she alleged that management secretly wanted her out of her one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in the building, which she moved into last year, because she is not a fat person. dumpster.

Listings show one-bedroom condos in the condo asking for over a million dollars and mention “incredible amenities including 24-hour doorman, well-equipped gym with 50-foot indoor pool, hot tub whirlpool, a wooden sauna, a steam shower, furnished panoramic roof terrace with kitchen, garden on the ground floor, central laundry room and a living super.”

“Listen, listen, I’m telling you…this is ridiculous, I don’t want to live here anymore,” she said, while alleging that her problems stemmed from not giving “stuff, stuff , stuff” to building staff. “I am an old lady. Why should I tip you all the time? »

“Tomorrow I’m going to court to sue them,” Hirsh said. “I want to sue the management company!”

Asked what she would be suing over, the resident said ‘false information’ had been placed on the public record by management of her own building.

The lawyer representing the building, who seeks both an “injunction” and “damages”, citing the need to carry out repairs to the building, including “disinfection”. [of] potentially dangerous conditions” – did not return The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Wednesday evening.