Mental health benefit claims

Prevail and Langevin believe that fitness and gyms play an important role in everyone’s mental health during the pandemic.

“Our facilities are important to so many people, coming from all walks of life. They use our gym for all kinds of reasons – depression, anxiety, addiction, physical health and the list goes on. Exercise is good for the heart, mind, body and soul, ”Langevin wrote to Horgan.

“The gym is a community of people who really care about you and want to see you succeed. The gym has helped me personally with my depression, social anxiety, self-confidence, moods, self-confidence, and getting out of bed in the morning turns me on. I look forward to seeing our members and seeing them feel good about themselves and succeed in their goals.

Langevin also says gyms are important for teens and families.

“You have no idea how many people your decision has affected. We are all fighting demons you know nothing about. Gyms are a tool that many people use to fight these demons. People have the right to choose to be healthy.

Many gymnasiums in British Columbia have asked the province to prove that the virus is spreading in their facilities.

Henry says gyms should stay closed

During the first COVID-19 briefing in 2022, Dr Henry said the fitness facilities had “done everything right” but they must remain closed to curb transmission.

“Gyms are doing everything right in a lot of cases, but the more reputable ones understand that they won’t put their staff and customers at risk when we see the amount of transmission we’re seeing right now,” Henry said in the briefing. .

She said there are many examples of the virus being spread through indoor fitness activities and the restrictions were aimed at protecting employees and customers.

“When we have a lot of transmission in our community, we’ve seen over and over again that gyms become amplifiers,” Henry said.

In the letter to Dr. Henry, Langevin points out the cleaning procedures the gymnasium had in place and the difficulties the order created for the gymnasium, its staff and coaches.

“Our coaches are now out of work. Our staff are unemployed. Our gym is no longer generating income and we still have rent and bills to pay, ”Langevin wrote to Henry.

She also points out that there hasn’t been any outbreak in their gym and that she is confused that the malls remain open.

“You are ruining businesses, people’s mental and physical health, and it’s unethical. Your orders don’t make sense.

After defying recent orders by staying open, Prevail and The Gym were forced to close by Northern Health on December 30.

Prevail encourages its members to write to the City of Fort St. John, Northern Health, MPP Dan Davies and Dr. Henry to express their thoughts on gyms being an essential service.

Many gyms in British Columbia are expressing displeasure with the province’s decision, including Iron Energy Gym in Kelowna, which was fined $ 2,300 and forced to shut down again last week .

The restrictions remain in place until January 18.