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Reno woman creates program to help people deal with inflation (PART 3)

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — We take a closer look at a locally designed program to help businesses attract and retain highly skilled people.

It is a program called Financially Fit Employees and was created by a student at the University of Reno as part of her graduate program.

It is now at several Northern Nevada businesses including Tahoe Fracture Orthopedic and Spine at 10539 Professional Circle Suite 201.

Managers say they invest in their employees like they invest in patients to help keep the quality of care consistently high.

This mindset prompted COO Ann Erwin to purchase a program called Financially Fit Employees.

“We recognize that financial fitness is just as important as physical fitness and mental health,” said Tahoe Fracture COO Ann Erwin.

Financially Fit Employees is a free voluntary membership program for Tahoe Fracture employees.

In total, this means it is available to 135 workers at seven sites.

“It’s more like nuts and bolts financial advice. You know they have great tools in Financial Fit Employees. There is a board of ideas. You can state what your goal is and others respond to those ideas, which I really appreciate because I look at some of these questions and I’m like, “I never would have thought of doing it this way”, Erwin said.

Adeia Aziz, Patient Procedures Coordinator, says the program is concise and easy to understand.

“I enjoyed the program. I feel like I learned a lot there. I think it should be accessible to everyone,” Aziz said.

She says she has seen savings increase in her bank account through her time with the program.

“If I really want it I should wait a week and in a week if I still want it it’s something I’m gonna want forever but if I don’t then it really wasn’t something something I needed,” Aziz said.

Not only did this allow him to have more space in his home, but also to have more money to invest in his retirement for his future.

Nichole Hickman is the Surgical Care Coordinator.

“There’s a retirement calculator and plenty of good advice on saving for retirement. It just gives me a place to check in,” Hickman said.

She admits the employer-provided program hasn’t changed the amount of money she invests or the types of investments she uses to build her retirement, but says she now knows what steps she will take. if it decides to make these changes.

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