With applicants coming from all over North Carolina, it’s always a competitive process to even be considered for the state’s JROTC Cadet of the Year award.

The honor, awarded annually by the JROTC Committee of the American Legion of North Carolina, is awarded to students involved in JROTC programs and enrolled in local high schools in the area.

This year the award made its way to Rowan County where local student Gavin Mincey of South Rowan High also stood out for his own contributions to JROTC and his community.

Mincey received the Legion’s JRTOC 2022 Cadet of the Year award on June 10 at a ceremony in Raleigh.

For the local cadet, the honor was all his.

“Going to Raleigh to meet and talk with so many of our veterans was such a privilege and something I will never forget,” he said.

Mincey was quick to thank his JROTC instructors at South Rowan, remarking that they “helped me develop leadership skills, discipline and structure.”

With JRTOC instructor Major William Lowe and longtime South Rowan JROTC cadet benefactor Wild Bill Corriher among the attendees, Mincey was surrounded by the support of the JROTC community.

The rising elder expressed his excitement about the opportunities that participating in JROTC will provide for him in the future. It also aims to “inspire other cadets to reach their maximum potential”.

The honor is awarded annually to cadets who excel in a number of different aspects of JROTC responsibilities and community involvement.

Mincey was selected based on his participation in JROTC programs, letters of recommendation from community members, awards and decorations he has received, fitness scores, duties performed, and community service .

Mincey was also required to write a community service narrative essay describing the impact of his experiences on himself and those he worked with.