SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — Not all summer activities for kids have to be outdoors, especially when it’s so hot.

Sanford Wellness offers an 8-week fitness program that teaches kids ages 9-12 how to exercise properly and safely, while having fun.

Whether they’re jumping, running or jumping, these kids are getting in shape.

“Um, I just came here to get stronger,” sixth-grader Kailey Vandrovec said.

Sixth grade student Kailey Vandrovec plays basketball and volleyball during the school year. She therefore participates in the Kids Forte program at Sanford.

“So it can be learning the push-ups properly, the pull-ups, the planks, the wall sit-ups, so it’s things like that,” program supervisor Kim Donelan said.

Kim Donelan is the program supervisor.

She says it’s fun to watch the kids progress throughout the eight weeks they’ve been here.

“When they start the program, it’s kind of fun to see where they start and what their tests were and then at the end,” Donelan said.

Colton Flitz is a 5th grader and plays football during the school year. He participates for many reasons, but mainly….

“Uh, I’m just trying to get stronger,” Flitz said.

While they’re having fun, they’re learning the right way to exercise safely without injury. test their agility, strength and endurance.

After four weeks of intense training, they think it helps them.

“I was attentive and did the right thing,” Vandrovec said.

“I got stronger and a bit faster,” Flitz said.

Sanford Wellness plans to offer another course in the fall.