It may have been nearly two decades since Shannon Sharpe retired from the NFL, but the three-time Super Bowl champion turned commentator still performs like an elite athlete, and it shows. To commemorate his 54th birthday, Sharpe recently shared a look at his imposing physique, which would be very impressive for a man who is half his age.

“The front and back of your favorite Unc celebrating their 54th birthday,” Sharpe wrote. “Yes, we turned 54 today. If I hadn’t told you my age. You probably wouldn’t have guessed it. Now that I tell you, you probably don’t believe it. Happy birthday everyone celebrating a birthday today and Cancer rules the world.”

Although Sharpe no longer trains for the field, his training routine has remained intense and he regularly shares insight into his training via YouTube videos and fitness challenges on social media.

“When I finish this exercise, I won’t be like, ‘Man, I wish I could have done five more reps, or I could have done that. ‘” he said in a video during a CrossFit-inspired exercise training from his quarantined home gym. “If you can do that, you haven’t worked hard enough. You should empty the tank…You should feel like you’ve eaten your lungs, your heart is just beating in your chest.”

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He went into more detail about his approach to training in a 2018 interview with men’s healthsaying: “I tell people, when I’m training, I’m not doing Hansel and Gretel training… I’m not dropping breadcrumbs. I haven’t saved anything for the return trip.”

“They say madness is doing something over and over again, but [expecting] different results,” he continued. “I do the same thing over and over again for the same result – to be healthy and happy at the end of the day.”

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