This facility received the Public Safety Centers Outstanding Award in the 2021 Officer Law Enforcement Design Awards. Find the full list of winners here.

This new facility will be the city’s first new police and fire station in over 80 years. Our initial task was to survey five different sites within the city limits to determine the best fit, fastest response time, and most beneficial redevelopment opportunities. With this equipment, the mayor is betting on the use of design as an urban improvement project. One of the goals is to ensure that this new structure provides the neighborhood with a strong civic presence, eyes on the street, and efficient firefighter response times to every incident.

The new building features a main public entrance with a police station on one side and a fire station on the other. Within this public space is a meeting room/community training room. The police station houses offices, an evidence area, a break room, and other essentials of any public safety facility. Four walk-through device bays anchor the fire station, with one bay dedicated to EMS vehicles. The upper level houses the living quarters of the firefighters, including offices, a kitchen, a living room, rest areas and a fitness center for all occupants. Altogether, this building will become a new beacon for the town of New Bedford and breathe new life into areas ripe for improvement.

Architect/Company Name: The Galante architecture workshop