During their appearance on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program, Sheridan Police Department Chief Travis Koltiska and Capt. Tom Ringley spoke about the requirements and values ​​the SPD looks for in potential hires.

The SPD is working to hire for entry level positions. Applicants must be able to pass a physical fitness evaluation, written exam, oral exam, pre-employment background investigation, psychological evaluation, and polygraph test.

The department prides itself on being very selective when choosing candidates to become officers. Koltiska told listeners that a candidate’s character carries a lot of weight in the SPD’s decision-making process. Ringley told auditors that even when considering possible hires from other departments who may have years of experience, the candidate’s character is heavily considered.

Captain T. Ringley

The chief told listeners that there are automatic rejection criteria for potential candidates. Prolonged THC use, intravenous drug use, and being prone to violent behavior (especially domestic violence) are all examples of automatic rejection criteria.

Chief T. Koltiska

For those who meet the requirements and possess the character traits sought by the SPD, the chief said the department will work with them to ensure that their educational and career needs are met to allow them a satisfying and rewarding career. in the public service.

The SPD conducts tests on the third Thursday of each month. Candidates who pass the initial test meet with a background interviewer the day after the test on Friday. To learn more, click here.