Coaches hired by the Goa Sports Department would be required to present a certificate of proficiency every two years, according to Sports Minister Govind Gaude. Gaude told PTI that he made surprise visits to many athletic institutions across the state where coaches were frequently absent. The athletic department never monitors the fitness of coaches once they are hired, according to Gaude, who took over the department in March this year. “Is it possible for an unfit coach to develop an unfit player?” he wondered.

“We will establish a rule that every two years they will have to produce a certificate of physical fitness, which will also be good for their own well-being,” the Goa minister said. The minister claimed that out of the department’s 130 coaches, only 35 to 40 are professional, while the rest need training.

Coaches were previously recruited by the department either because of their experience in the field or their excellence in a particular sport. “They are not trained coaches,” he said. They must be well trained in all aspects. They should undergo training at the National Sports Institute, Gaude said.

Govind Gaude said the sports department had more than 1,000 employees, but its performance was unsatisfactory. He also said there was a lack of coordination between the Goa Sports Authority and the Directorate of Youth Affairs.

Gaude previously said in May that Goan athletes competing in national and international events would be offered government jobs under the reserved quota. He said all departments will be required to hire athletes under the reserved quota to encourage more young people to pursue athletics as a vocation.

After meeting with coaches from the Sports Authority of Goa (SAG) and Physical Preparation (PT) teachers from various schools, the minister addressed the reporters.

“On behalf of the state government, I have told PT teachers and coaches to assure athletes that those who compete in national and international tournaments will be granted government employment,” Gaude added. .

Govind Gaude said he asked high school instructors to keep an eye on him.

(With PTI inputs)

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