November Tourism Awareness Month brings an abundance of wellness events to St. Kitts

LOWLANDSaint Kitts, November 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In honor of Tourism Awareness Month, the St. Kitts Tourism Board is adopting this year’s theme, “Immerse, have fun, renew, rethink tourism 2022“, to highlight the experiences of wellbeing on the island. Throughout the month, the Tourism Authority will organize a host of events and workshops focusing on physical, environmental and spiritual wellbeing.

“This Tourism Awareness Month, St. Kitts is proud to recommit and reiterate the importance of tourism within our community,” said the Honorable Marsha Henderson, Minister of Tourism. “St. Kitts is no stranger to wellness. With sustainability at the heart of our approach to tourism, the ‘Immerse, Indulge, and Renew’ theme provided the perfect opportunity to continue to showcase our island in a meaningful way. and on brand with the mission of Tourism Awareness Month.”

Reflecting the theme, the tourism authority launched the calendar of events from November 1, 2022, and ending on November 27, 2022. Locals and visitors alike are invited to join in the festivities across the island. Experiences range from Major’s Bay Beach Cleanup, which emphasizes the importance of environmental wellness to support St. Kitts’ tourism efforts, to participating in a heritage and fitness hike, focused on physical well-being.

As part of Tourism Awareness Month, the Tourism Board is hosting a Tourism Festival to promote and celebrate community pride. The launch of the Tourism Fest will take place on Friday November 11 and will include family activities, a feast of local cuisine, storytelling and local steel bands.

The Tourism Authority is also organizing enrichment workshops, such as the Energy Marketing and Conservation Workshop, which will provide rich opportunities for stakeholders to share information regarding global marketing practices, trends and energy management.

“St. Kitts has spent the past few years revamping our approach to tourism and offerings, which shows through our Venture deeper campaign and our continued focus on showcasing the unique qualities of the island,” said Ellison “Tommy” Thompson, CEO of the St. Kitts Tourism Authority. another opportunity to immerse our travelers in the culture and history that makes Saint Kitts unique.”

The full calendar of events is available here.

Hotels and resorts across the island, including the Royal St. Kitts Hotel, Belle Mont Farm, Park Hyatt Saint Kitts, Timothy Beachand Ramada, contribute to the celebration with farm-to-table dinners, sunset cocktails and pizzas, painting lessons, a fashion show and more.

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