More than 80% of gym membership owners spend more than $30 on their membership, although about 38% of Americans visit the gym less than once a week, driving a wasting $1.3 billion in unused gym memberships in the United States. Luckily for us, Plano ranks #6 in the nation for the cheapest area for a gym membership.

In a study by TotalShape, the average price of a gym membership was calculated from a list of 80 cities in the United States. The national average cost for membership was $44.98, $18.44 more than the Plano average.

Among the most expensive are Boston, Minneapolis, San Jose, Tacoma, Oakland, Denver, Anchorage, Washington, Santa Barbara, San Francisco and New York.

“Working out is a vital use of your time, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental well-being. While exercise can be done from anywhere, a gym membership can be a motivator to achieve your fitness goals, while providing a space to escape from everyday life,” said a TotalShape spokesperson. “Disparities in the cost of gym memberships across states are shocking to see – some areas have a far more accessible fare.”

The 10 cheapest areas for a gym membership
Area Average monthly price $
Mesa 18.29
Memphis 22.44
Cleveland 23.11
Vegas 26.14
Louisville 26.20
Plan 26.44
Eugene 26.50
Jacksonville 26.88
Spokane 27.22
Mobile 27.75