Commonwealth Table Tennis Events:

  • sunday 29e May 2022: Action at MTN Indoor Arena, Lugogo–Kampala

*Best of five games (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Selected matches:

Round 1:

9:00 a.m. – 9:20 a.m.:

  • Parvin Nangonzi vs. Jemimah Nakawala (Table 1)
  • Regina Nakibuule vs. Irene Nekesa (Table 2)
  • Rita Nakhumitsa vs. Florence Seera (Table 3)
  • Amina Nampeera vs. Halima Astolo (Table 4)
  • Shanitah Namaala vs. Flavia Amaniyo (table 5)

Ten female table tennis players successfully completed the fitness and grip assessment program on Friday 27e May 2022.

This grueling exercise was conducted at Demelloz Indian Association restaurant (now called Baguma’s Restaurant) in Kampala city.

These drills involved FH footwork ball to ball, alternating FH and BH ball to ball, curling and blocking, curling with footwork, smaching and lobbying full table, back and spin short serve, top spin short serve, serve long in backspin, serve and attack. as well as counter-looping.

The top excellent players were Parvin Nangonzi, Jemimah Nakawala and Florence Seera who scored 93% each.

The others were Rita Nakhumitsa (90%), Shanita Namaala (87%) and Irene Nekesa (80%).

Three players must be below 70%; Regina Nakibuule (66%), Halima Astolo (60%), Amina Nampeera (60%) and Flavia Amaniyo (60%).

Rita Nakhumitsa was among the top performers in conditioning and grip exercises with 90% (David Isabirye)
Flavia Amaniyo scored 60% (Credit: David Isabirye)

On Sunday, more than 40 matches will be played in the 10 rounds of Sunday 29e May at the MTN Indoor Arena, Lugogo, from 9:00 a.m.

In some of the first round matches, the Nakasero club duo of Parvin Nangonzi and Jemimah Nakawala lock the horns on Table 1.

Meanwhile, Regina Nakibuule (independent) will face Irene Nekesa of Mbogo Mixed in Table 2.

In Table 3, it will be the battle of two players from Uganda Christian University (UCU); Rita Nakhumitsa against Florence Seera.

Two players from Mbogo College; Amina Nampeera and Halima Astolo will then face off on Table 4.

Above table 5, Shanitah Namaala (Mbogo High) will entertain Flavia Amaniyo of St Michael International.

There will be a total of 45 matches which will be played over 10 rounds.

“Points will be awarded according to standard ITTF rules (2 points for a win, 1 point loss and zero for a forfeit or no-show,” explained Robert Jjagwe, President of the Uganda Tennis Association. (UTTA).

All matches will be based on the best of five with some of the matches live on TV, for the very first time.

Only the top four players will be considered as the final squad to represent Uganda at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Players competing:

  • Rita Nakhumitsa
  • Parvin Nangonzi
  • Florence Sera
  • Jemimah Nakawala
  • Irene Nekesa
  • Shanitah Namala
  • Regina Nakibuule
  • Flavia Amaniyo
  • Amina Nampeera
  • Halima Astolo