The Warrior Battalion at the US Military Academy in West Point, New York.

The University of Hawaii to the army of Mānoa ROTC Warrior Battalion competed in the 55th Sandhurst Military Skills Competition at WE West Point Military Academy, New York, April 29-30. The competition began in 1967 between the United States Military Academy and Britain’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. It has since grown into a two-day event, with 48 teams from around the world competing in this year’s competition.

cadets climbing an obstacle
The team works together to negotiate the “Belly Over” in the obstacle course.

“Although the uh the team placed 37th, they gained a lot of knowledge that will help propel the future uh teams to greater success,” said Lt. Col. Jerrod Melander, professor of military science. “The team put in exceptional effort and was able to compete with the best military academies and officer-producing institutions in the world.”

the uh The team, consisting of 11 cadets (9 primary and 2 alternate) and 3 senior battalion members, participated in a variety of events and tasks. They included military weapon assembly, disassembly and firing techniques, Zodiac boat operations, tactical combat casualty care, grenade assault course, communications equipment operations, fitness events, an eight mile walk, map reading, artillery call, obstacle course, and several events containing combinations of the aforementioned skills.

This year’s competition featured 15 international teams, 16 ROTC teams, 12 teams from the United States Military Academy and teams from the Air Force Academy, the Naval Academy, the Coast Guard Academy, the Academy of the Merchant Navy and United States Military Academy Preparatory School.

cadet shooting
TDC Galarza shoots a M320 Grenade launcher on a variety of targets in one of the weapon events.

The Warrior Battalion team was trained by Staff Sgt. Troy Sherlock and Jaime Oliveros. Members included:

  • Crystal Gonzalez
  • Gregory Schollmeier
  • Samantha Delgado
  • Martin Corona
  • Carlos Betancourt
  • David Masse
  • Miguel Matias
  • Romel Galarza
  • Anthony Parris
  • McKinley Rainey
  • Kaleb Cooperfelt

The last time uh competed in the Sandhurst contest was in 2019.

WE Senator Brian Schatz also congratulated the team on his Instagram page for their participation in the Sandhurst competition. “You did everything Hawaii proud of your hard work and determination,” he said.

This event is an example of uh Mānoa’s goal of improving student achievement (PDF), one of the four objectives defined in the Strategic Plan 2015-2025 (PDF), updated December 2020.