So for now, at least, maybe it’s time to cut back on gym memberships and cut back on the little luxuries we rely on to feel better as we try to save all the pennies we can. But if you want to feel your best while limiting your ongoing expenses in the studio, what should you prioritize?

It’s tempting to think you should spend money on classes that get your heart rate up or give you the biggest weights to lift or the most high-tech treadmill to run and do. yoga or low impact activities in your home. I will do the opposite.

I’m continuing my mobility sessions with Move classes at BLOK and I’ll be doing barre at The Refinery, but I’ll be training at home with weights and cardio.

Why? Well, while it’s very easy to fall into the trap of believing that we need to be trained during the most intense workouts. And, of course, having someone yelling at you through a microphone over a loud beat can sometimes be the difference between you doing the final reps and walking away from your dumbbell.

But, once you’ve got form nailed and the basics down, it’s much easier to perfect an at-home HIIT workout or take yourself for a run than working through a 45-minute mobility session with perfect form.

Woman doing HIIT
You can do HIIT at home

In these low impact classes you will notice how the instructors can move you an inch to the left and change the feel of the whole exercise. With complex movements, there’s a lot to think about, and teachers can remind you to tuck your tailbone in and tilt your chin down and roll your shoulders back and engage your core and roll your back leg one inch and rotate your knee before pulsing.

These are clues we may not remember on our own, or they may be tweaks so small it takes an expert to notice what you need.

For me, mobility and stretching classes are about improving your movement patterns, creating space in your joints, and learning how your body works. This is the basis of training.

Strength training and cardio are so important to health and are often more exciting, but these workouts are about building on that foundation to move faster or against resistance. Being guided in building a proper base is definitely worth it.

Of course, you can find some great mobility workouts to do online if that’s all you can access right now. Look for ones that are educational and can remind you of proper cues and alignment rather than just saying, “Do downward dog.” On YouTube, Shona Virtue has a lot of well taught videos, and the Strong Women Training Club has a series on mobility led by trainer Emma Obayuvana.

But if, like me, you have ClassPass’ nine-credit plan and can only book a few sessions, I’d do IRL mobility and use YouTube and Instagram for my sweat sessions — and when I need the motivation. extra for my cardio routine, I will ask my friend to run with me.