Whether you’re a downhill runner or dogger, aspiring cyclist, or have a penchant for parkour, chances are there’s a class in the capital for you. London’s fitness scene has made some serious headway (sorry) over the past six years, with gyms like 1Rebel and Barry’s Bootcamp taking over luxury fitness spaces lined with sleek industrial units promising to get your butt in shape.

After Covid, the choice is wider than ever; If burpees aren’t your cup of tea, there’s a plethora of low-intensity workouts to choose from, from thrashing about in a pool doing “water aerobics” to 15 minutes of abdominal breathing. So without further ado, put down your candy apple and head over to some of these shiny new classes launching this fall.

Karvé (transformer Pilates) in Karve


The last string in High Street Kensington’s fitness bow, Karve is the place to go for Pilates fans looking to raise the bar. The Transformer Pilates studio is a vision of sleek black equipment, shiny mirrors and exposed brick, inspired by a downtown New York loft. Karve’s first 50-minute signature class is essentially a reformer Pilates class, but taken to the next level: expect to sweat and shake through isometric holds, pulses, and core work designed to “karve” and lengthen the muscles. Each class ends with a meditation to activate the mind-body connection and put you in a state of high level zen.

Prices start at £35 for one session, karve.club

Full body circuit at the Circuit Society

Circuit Society 2.jpg

Circuit Society is the latest brainchild of Shane Collins, the mastermind behind KOBOX and former Master Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp. After 15 years of industry expertise, Collins designed his Full Body Circuit class, a body conditioning “micro class,” focused on small groups and intimate instruction (which sounds naughtier than it looks). is). The 45-minute class is perfect for anyone looking for an intense full-body workout, burning up to 850 calories by doing a mix of cardio and HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training). It may seem grueling, but each class is tailored to individual abilities and designed to have up to 80% less impact than traditional HIIT classes.

Prices start at £20 for a monthly subscription, circuitSociety.fit

Bodyism Sculpt at Bodyism


West London’s fitness mecca Bodybuilding has long been the haunt of delicious matcha-sipping mummies and perfectly groomed Instagrammers – for good reason. If you’re looking for a perky behind, their new Sculpt class is for you. It focuses on smaller muscle groups and strengthens your core through a mix of isometric pulsing, dancing, and strength training. The course was designed by 12-year-old former Method Coach Tracy Anderson (superstar trainer of Gwyneth Paltrow), psychology graduate Deanna Brash, aiming to bridge the gap between science, spirituality and the arts.

Monthly subscription starts at £130 per month, bodyism.com

Powerride 2.0 at the third space

Third space

The juggernaut of luxury gyms, Third Space is launching a new spin class to add to its already overflowing menu. The Powerride 2.0 class drops this week and runs mostly on steroids. If that didn’t put you off, read on. Everyone is put into teams that compete to win “the race” and complete strength challenges, including increasing your resistance and pedaling as fast as you can on a backing track of heavy beats. You can track your position in the race on a virtual leaderboard, but thankfully no one can tell who’s who, so you can channel your repressed (or not) inner Bradley Wiggins in relative anonymity. This is the perfect class for spinning aficionados who want an extra challenge or push their PB.

Prices start from £210 membership fee for a month, thirdspace.london

Evolve at KXU


The crème de la crème of the Chelsea gym circuit and adored by Made in Chelsea teammates, KXU have added a new 50-minute comprehensive workout class called Evolve to their menu. The mixed intensity class gives signature HIIT class, The Games, a run for its money. But unlike the Games, Evolve is more fitness-focused, fusing a mix of strength training, stretching, and airbike runs to build lean muscle and burn serious calories. But be warned, there’s always a cardio finisher, so we recommend visualizing your post-workout protein shake to get you through that final set of burpees.

Prices start at £26 for one course, kxu.co.uk



As the name suggests, BXR is all about boxing, but this month its Bishopsgate studio launched SWEATCon, a 45-minute HIIT class created by master trainer Faisal Abdalla that focuses on cardio, free weights and bodyweight exercises. The class begins with mobility prep and gentle stretching, but quickly ramps up, with everyone rotating between three equally challenging stations, sweating it out on the assault bike, swinging dumbbells and performing a sequence of exercises. body weight. It’s hard work, but the experience is made much more enjoyable by the breathtaking views over London, one of the perks of being the tallest gymnasium in the City of London.

Prices start at £30 for non-members, bxrlondon.com

Reformer at Psycle


The cult London spin and barre studio has just launched Reformer Pilates, currently only available at the Oxford Circus studio. Psycle’s super-charismatic instructors guide you through 55 minutes of break-in and toning on state-of-the-art reforming beds to an infectious pop music soundtrack. Expect to shake dramatically as you’re guided through a litany of high-intensity holds and weight-bearing designed to strengthen your core, glute and leg muscles. Psycle’s Reformer Pilates manager, Matt McElligott, describes the session as “an opportunity to build mental resilience.”

Prices start at £25 for a course, psyclelondon.com

Ring of fire at the GYMBOX

gym box

It’s not one for the faint hearted or the stomachs actually. GYMBOX has partnered with award-winning hot sauce company Lazy Scientist Sauces to create a HIIT class where participants must ingest hot peppers throughout their workout. Before you balk at the idea, there’s the science behind it: capsaicin, the chemical in peppers that gives them their heat, improves your metabolic rate, increases energy expenditure and fat oxidation. Adding chili peppers to the intense leg workout, which includes dumbbell lifts and bike sprints, means participants are likely to burn 25% more calories during the session.

Classes begin September 26. Monthly subscription starts from £88 per month, gymbox.com

Foundry Hybrid

Tried and Tested: Force Transformations at The Foundry

Since opening the first outpost at Vauxhall, Foundry has inspired a cult-like devotion through its hardcore classes and community approach. With Hybrid, which has launched in all outposts (as well as Vauxhall they are in Bank, North Kensington, Richmond and Old Street), they are ramping up the intensity even further. Expect a circuit of short intervals where you’ll be working at maximum intensity, alternating between bikes, rowers and gym tools like kettlebells and dumbbells. It’s not for the faint-hearted, although the trainers go for a fun and friendly approach, rather than a military-style drill. You’ll burn calories but walk away smiling (and possibly shaking).

Prices start at £20 per course for non-members; foundryfit.com