Do you feel like you hear the same thing over and over again? Expression? Law of attraction? Visualization? Successful training?

Glenn Ackerman wants to be the disruptor of this tired old revival and lead a new generation to discover the power of energy awareness training.

Known for many things, Glenn Ackerman first gained attention before launching his innovative program across West Hollywood coaching celebrities and executives. With his “Energy awareness training” whose tastes have never been seen or presented to the public before, turns heads and is noted for its potent results. The program focuses on discovering a hidden energy dimension that rules the physical world as we know it and creates solutions to problems previously thought to be impossible to solve. Glenn Ackerman is for clients who have tried to find solutions and results in personal development in the past, but failed. Whether it’s a decrease in stress, anxiety, trauma or fear, and an increase in happiness, quality of life and performance, Glenn’s Method delivers. He recognizes that most people struggle with negative emotions, self-doubt, and general stress that they can’t handle on their own. In the hidden dimensions of the energy that he teaches are the solutions to the problems that most people miss on a daily basis.

With 27 years of experience, Glenn’s goal is to transform the world on an emotional level, to end the emotional suffering of thousands of people around the world, to rise to the top of the personal development rankings – a category that Ackerman says lacks real transformational value with plans. change.

Ackerman, who is a former film and television composer in Hollywood, says, “I discovered a revolutionary method that was never taught before to describe how invisible energy affects everything we do in the world. physical. With this discovery, he plans to take what has been proven to work with his list of famous clients, executives and athletes, incorporating his teachings.

Glenn alumnus and renowned dating trainer Owen Cook said, “With around two decades of life coaching experience and his vast experience of spiritual studies, Glenn can truly transform people and their lives.” Further adding, “He helped me to come out of the low vibrating energy area and achieve high vibrating energy, which I transfer to my students.” Believe me, Glenn Ackerman is the real deal ”.

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Now, unless you’re a perfectly optimized machine, you’ve got some of your own baggage, blockages, and anxieties that you face and that’s where Ackerman comes in. In a nutshell, Glenn clears up the internal issues, negative energy and weak performance issues. It helps the celebrity, executive and athlete remove any blockage or resistance to achieve their highest performance. Pass Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Joe Dispenza, Glenn Ackerman is on the rise!