Project description

The project is a new office tower for a multinational engineering software company headquartered in Seongnam, Korea. The design is an emblem of the company’s values ​​and missions, emphasizing transparency, openness and high-tech design that optimizes efficiency. Form and light are the primary design language of the tower facade design. A slender, elegantly curved tower sits on the ground like a shimmering glass vase, gently reflecting the ever-changing sky, and the surfaces seem to dissolve into the sky. The shape of the tower is given mainly by a delicately sculpted reinforced concrete structure clad in a curtain wall. The design provides for a double-skin curtain wall facade comprising low-iron screen-printed glass with a Low-E coating and a solar-operated blind in the cavity. The dotted ceramic patterns and density change depending on the orientation of the facade. Its cover calibrates to provide additional solar control, optimize energy efficiency and reduce glare. At night, with the interior lights on, the glass facade disappears, and structural slabs and skeletons emerge that frame the tower envelope and the workspaces within. In response to the program, the design offers open, well-lit workspaces centered on a 14-story atrium that visually connects different floors vertically, leading to the landscaped atrium and sky gardens at the top of the tower. Also located at the top of the atrium are conference rooms, event spaces, and a lounge with excellent city views. The ground floor lobby is used as a venue for press events. Above the ground floor is the lower-level public area which houses a common lounge, library, fitness club, auditorium, event hall, and informal gathering spaces for employees and business associates. guests. Construction of the tower is expected to begin in early 2023 and be completed in 2027.

Design Architect: Lawrence Kim / A+U LAB
Design Team: Lawrence Kim (Design Director), Changbae Park, Seonghoo Song, Jayoung Son, Jeongwoo Son, Daegeun Lee, Seolhee Park, Dongsu Kim, Wonso You, Sangmin Woo, Yugang Lee, Kyuhyun Hwang
Associate architects: Chang-jo Architects (Architect of Record), PNU Architectural Design Lab
Structural engineer: Midas Structural Engineering
MEP Engineer: Han-il Consultants
Construction management: Samoo CM
Exterior wall consultant: YNP Engineering
Sustainability Consultant: Chungyeon
Landscape architect: Espace UD