AAs a newcomer to Dallas, I get lost a lot, and I’m just finding out what “avoid the Mixmaster.” But a few weeks
A few years ago, my lack of street knowledge turned into a good thing: I came across a busy neighborhood north of Lovers Lane and east of Highway 75. Groups of friends in their twenties and 30s walked in and out of modern glass structures, walking dogs in surrounding parks, pushing strollers and shaking their protein shakes.

This district is called The Village, and its rebranding and renovation was only completed a few months ago (the pandemic has resulted in quiet openings along the way). If you’re from Dallas and have delved into its history, you’ve probably heard stories about The Village’s legendary party scene in the 70s and 80s, when the neighborhood required you to be 21+ and be single to live there.

Chef Junior Borges’ lively Brazilian concept dining room Meridian.

The Village Today – A Culinary Destination in Dallas

Today, The Village is a bit tamer, but a festive energy remains at the base — a kind of young-adult campus that still maintains its 21-and-over rule to sign a lease. It is becoming known as a foodie destination, with restaurants such as Junior Borges’ Brazilian restaurant Meridian (Borges oversees all culinary aspects of the Village). “We mix it daily with the programs we have on the streets,” says Rebekah Wright, All Things Fun’s senior vice president for the neighborhood. “Whether it’s live music, mixology classes, food tastings… It’s really about connecting the people who live here.”

Linger’s entrance from the Buzz & Bustle cafe.

The Village’s 18 apartment complexes, lofts, and townhouses (referred to as “neighborhoods”) are all within a 10-minute walk of the Village’s center. Most car parks are underground, to encourage villagers to walk rather than isolate themselves in cars. As you walk through the center you will see nature parks and sports fields, cafes and restaurants, the Village Golf Club with a tropical bar, gourmet markets and lounges for humans and puppies. Drey Hotel, with La Mina and Anis restaurants by Junior Borges, has become a hub. But perhaps the most historically famous haunt is the Village Country Club.

An aerial view of The Village, a bustling neighborhood north of Lovers Lane and east of Highway 75.

Once one of the few places in Dallas to serve alcohol by the glass, the country club has survived, sleek and renewed with a state-of-the-art fitness center (The Village Fit) and serving villager cocktails in the new serpentine pool and swim – bar up.