It might be a case of not stepping out enough and being inappropriately aroused by loose ankles (don’t ask), but if you ask this personal trainer, you can tidy up your fucking abs and me make everything warm and bothered by doing the following:

1. Prioritize form over ego.

Not to be rude, but there’s no bigger boner killer than some assholes who grunt and sweat as they lift weights that are clearly beyond them. What exactly are we trying to achieve here other than petrifying women and children?

On the other hand, my grumpy friend, if you really want my attention, use proper weight that allows you to move with nice control and impeccable form…with minimal jungle sounds.

While you’re here, take a look at how horoscopes work. The message continues after the video.

2. Put your shit away.

Using 8 20kg weight plates on a machine and walking away while the unfortunate guy working on the gym floor has to get your shit back in his place is like being a jerk to the waiter on a first date – a deal breaker.

Unfortunately, it happens so often that when a normal human puts aside the weights they used, it’s an instant love-heart-eyes emoji.

In fact, that person is me. I put weights away. In fact, I don’t just store my weights; I put the weights around them. Where are the f**k love-heart-eye emojis for me??? OR???

3. Dare to be different.

The men lift the heavy objects off the gym floor and the women do the aerobics vine. As I pull myself back to 1970, there’s no denying that some gym activities still have a type.

While this archetype is absolutely changing, there is something so beautifully vulnerable about participating in any activity you want despite being the only one of your kind in said situation.