With the “zero workout” method, you should be able to tone your body in just five minutes a day. Photo: miya227/Shutterstock.com

Tone your body with just five minutes of exercise a day? It sounds utopian, but it should work with “zero workouts”, the Japanese fitness trend. That’s what’s behind.

Tighten the body, reduce fat and build muscle – the so-called “zero workout” aims to do it all in just five minutes a day. The fitness trend that originated in Japan is said to help you lose weight with minimal effort.

The Japanese fitness trainer Tomomi Ishimura is considered the developer of the method and describes in his book “The Zero Training Method” that the goal of training is to tone the body and fight muscle pain, helping, among others, the body to “zero”. . “By bringing him back. Location.” According to Ishimura, it is mainly because of poor posture that our body tends to store fat as we age.

How does “zero training” work?

The training methods focus on five main parts of the body that are not always given enough attention: the neck, shoulders, back, waist and legs. For the exercise, you lie on your back on the floor, for example, on a yoga mat. Ideally, you bring your body into a slightly upright position with pillows and arms by your side – this is our neutral body position. Much attention is paid to breathing during exercises like yoga or Pilates. Tomomi Ishimura explains the different exercises in detail on her Instagram account.

What is the real effectiveness of the “zero training” method?

Tomomi Ishimura claims that it is possible to lose weight with the “zero workout” method and lose up to three centimeters from your waistline. Whether this method actually guarantees that you break down fat and lose weight has not been scientifically proven.

Nevertheless, we can benefit from regularly bringing our body to the neutral vacuum position. Good posture reduces back pain and other ailments. Light stretching and muscle exercises also help to concentrate more and therefore to feel better.