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Building a bigger chest doesn’t happen overnight: it takes time and consistency in training. But in a new video on the Athlean-X Channel, CSCS strength coach Jeff Cavaliere outlines two tips that could help speed up your progress, by slightly adjusting the way you work your pectoral muscles.

It illustrates the first of his technical adjustments on the bench press. “Get down to the bottom of the bench and exaggerate your sternum height,” he says. “It’ll put those shoulders back and chest out.”

Next, to make sure you’re using your chest muscles as much as possible rather than relying on your shoulders, he advises you to try pressing your index finger and thumb. “He starts adducting at the shoulder, which is going to make the chest initiate the contraction,” he says.

This principle can be applied to virtually any chest exercise, and Cavaliere demonstrates it across a range of different movements. In the crossover cable, he adopts a staggered position and straightens his chest so that his sternum is prominent, and initiates the movement with the same fingers. “Chest stays in front, shoulders stay in back,” he says. “It underscores how important it is to focus on the hand, because your shoulder goes with the ride, your chest goes with the ride: the initiation of the movement is what you do with your hand on the cable.”

When it comes to doing pushups, Cavaliere notes that taller men or guys with longer torsos tend to start the move with a scooped chest with more prominent shoulder placement, while again , what they should do is the opposite. To get into this position, Cavaliere advises doing a hand release push-up to make sure your chest and shoulders are where they need to be.