Starting your golf fitness journey can be difficult, daunting and confusing.

How to start and where?

There is a lot of different information on the internet about golf fitness, but the key is to find what works for you and your specific skills.

golf week has put together a few pieces of training aids, fitness tools, recovery technology and fashion to ignite your love for the game.

Learn some fitness tips to help you start or continue your journey with our “Fitness with Averee” video series.

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4ore Nutritional Workout Supplement ($20)

4ore Nutritional Workout Supplement – $20. (4th Nutrition)

If you need an extra boost when practicing golf, the 4ore Nutritional Workout Supplement is an excellent source of caffeine. This tasty supplement is infused with key amino acids, vitamins, minerals, extracts and 150mg of medically tested caffeine that give golfers the extra boost they need to power through their training session.


Chirp Wheel + Foam Roller Set ($120)

Chirp Wheel + Foam Roller Set Chirp Wheel + Foam Roller Set – $120. (Amazon)

Many golfers suffer from back pain and Chirp Wheel Foam Roller Set can help relieve pain. The Chirp Wheel+ can provide a deep tissue massage or roll back, shoulder stretch and spine cushioning experience. The wheels can be used before a round of golf for a good stretch or as a recovery tool.


GolfForever Swing Trainer ($200)

GolfForever Swing Trainer GolfForever Swing Trainer – $200. (Golf forever)

The GolfForever Swing Trainer is one of the most universal products on the market. There are many ways to use the 44.5 inch practice bar and accessories to improve mobility, balance, and golf swing strength.


Halara Breezeful High Waist Crossover Shorts ($25)

Halara Breezeful High Waist Crossover Shorts Halara Breezeful High Waist Crossover Shorts – $25. (halara)

The Halara Breezeful High Waist Crossover Shorts come in six different colors at an affordable price. Featuring Halara’s lightweight fabric that’s soft to the touch, 4-way stretch, breathable and sweat-wicking. The shorts come with 2-in-1 built-in shorts with a side pocket for added comfort and protection.


Lululemon Bowline 8″ Shorts ($78)

Lululemon 8 chair shorts" Lululemon Bowline 8″ Shorts – $78. (Lululemon)

The Lululemon chair shorts are the perfect shorts for fitness or can be dressed up for any occasion. They’re made from a stretchy, water-repellent fabric and come in nine different colors.

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Orange Whip Trainer ($109)

orange whip trainer Orange Whip Trainer – $109. (orange whip)

The orange whip trainer is a great warm-up tool and trains tempo, balance and improves your swing plane. The swing of this trainer simulates driver movement and can also help improve swing strength and speed.


Resistance Band Set ($20)

Resistance Bands Set Resistance Band Set – $20. (Amazon)

A set of resistance bands can be used to stretch or strengthen almost any part of the body. These bands are easy to carry and can be used pre-swing to properly stimulate and activate muscle groups essential to the golf swing. This set comes with different resistance levels to match each individual movement.


SuperSpeed ​​Golf Training System ($230)

SuperSpeed ​​Golf Training System SuperSpeed ​​Golf Training System – $230. (Golf Super Speed)

The SuperSpeed ​​Golf Training System Proven to increase club head speed and add distance to your shots in 4-6 weeks of consistent use. The set comes with three different light, medium and heavy weight practice clubs to help you work on your swing speed.