“Law enforcement will have to be — and they must be — in the metaverse,” says Khatir

The United Arab Emirates is using virtual reality technology to help train security officials in the metaverse.

For three days, officials from the International Security Alliance – an international security organization based in Abu Dhabi – participated in various virtual crisis simulations as part of an event known as the ISALEX 2.0 training exercise. .

Officials, using virtual reality glasses and Zoom video conferencing, addressed a wide range of security threats from cyberattacks to drone strikes during Expo 2020 in Dubai.

“We are one step ahead of the criminals,” said the director of the interior ministry’s international operations department, Major Hamad Khatir, according to WIRED.

He explained how introducing security simulations into the virtual world benefits public servants, as it provides greater flexibility than in-person training.

“We can have the exercise and the differences from different places without being interrupted,” Khatir said.

“If we have this exercise, every night, we would need to close the airport to let [ISALEX members] come.”

The director stressed the importance of training police officers and security guards virtually in order to prepare for the future expansion of the metaverse.

“Law enforcement will have to be — and they must be — in the metaverse,” Khatir said, WIRED reported.

“There will be a lot going on in the metaverse going forward, and law enforcement will need to be prepared for those challenges.”

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